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  1. @Mike: thanks for your reply. When I wrote "correct size" I simply meant the scale, not the aspect ratios. To be more precise: the sprite I bought came in three PNG scales 300 px, 600 px and 1200 px high. In my game, I need the sprites to be 200 px and 400 px high. I also got the AI versions of the body parts and I wanted to "rebuild" the character in the sizes I want and then use Spriter to get the same animation. If I understand you correctly, that is possible to do provided that the image are the same aspect ratio and are rotated in the same direction.
  2. Hello, I am completely new to Spriter and my question may therefore be pretty simple... I have bought a character sprite animated with Spriter but the size of the sprite is not correct and I do not want to scale the png for quality reasons. I would like to know if I can simply create new "body parts" in AI in the correct size and then just replace the png:s in the existing Spriter animation without having to remake the animation.
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