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  1. Welcome Webbstre. :) I've actually just begun the creation of the first Spriter Game art pack, which will be a robust set of animations for a 2d game. This first pack will be for a side scrolling adventure game. Once its close to finished, I'll start distributing a few basic animation for free with Spriter. I'll also make some more in debth step by step videos for creating animations as soon as I can. Thanks much for the suggestions and support, BrashAdmin
  2. Welcome JB, And thank you very much for the kind words. I hope Spriter proves useful to you and your artists and look forward to feedback.
  3. Hi Everyone, Please post any questions or Issues you're having with Spriter so the answers can help anyone else who might have the same issue in the future. thanks much.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, @ Goldfish on rye, Soon Spriter will be able tio export finished animations as full frame sequential PNG's (with alpha)... Onion Skinning is a great suggestion that I might try to work into the pro version of Spriter once the critical features are all in. Pixel masking is also cool, but it's just too complicated and too much trouble as compared to just propper z-ordering and when absolutely necessary, creating a little "bandaid" image to overlay the problem area. This is too rare an issue for me to put in the huge time and effort to make a complicated feat
  5. Thanks for the kind words telles0808, I'm hoping a new version is only a mater of weeks away which will allow for saving out animations as full frame sequential images as well... this is obviously not the ultimate goal of Spriter, but it will allow artists to use Spriter to create 2d animations for games (or other media )that don't support fancy, optimized modular animation modes.... as well as tweaks, bug fixes and a few more features added. I can't guarantee how soon this update will be released, but I'll get it out as soon as I can.
  6. The .SPRTR files that spriter creates are actually just INI files. you can load them into any text editor like notepad to read them... you could also rename their extension to .INI so that you could load and manipulate them with any program that can manipulate INI files. If you do load a .SPRTR file into something like notepad you will find its quite easy to read and understand. I'm still trying to get good engineer(s) to help with the creation of plug-ins for GM and other game authoring systems so that they will support Spriters files in a very easy and intuitive fashion... I'll post inform
  7. @telles0808, Would you be willing to send me one or more of these PNG files that dont load properly. I'm guessing whatever is creating your PNG files is creating them in a format that Spriter can't handle properly. Have you tried converting your PNG's (load them into a diferent image editor and then save them back out)? Whould you also mind telling me what created the PNG's that spriter can't load properly? Thanks much
  8. Thanks much for the bug report adrix89. I think I've got it taken care of.
  9. Hi TorQ, All of that sort of stuff related to "tweening" is planned for a sister version of Spriter that will be built from Spriter once this first version has all of its planned features in and is well debugged. It's at least a full month away before spriter 1.0 is close to feature complete, then there will be at least a few months of optimizing and debugging, and then yet more time after that before I start on this "tween based Spriter". At the absolute least for the "tweening version" there will be a timeline with keyframes, anchor/pivot points per sprite set by the user and of course auto
  10. Hi Inca, Your game is looking great and this is exactly the sort of thing that my tool was designed for. As you discovered on Scirra.com there is no extension yet for Construct to support Spriter, so it would be quite some work (but not impossible) to use the animation data exported from it. I'm still trying to get an actual extension programmer to help in that matter. Please help spread the word of this tool in general and on scirra.com so that there;s as much incentive as possible for this extension to be made. How much farther have you gone beyone this demo on your game? Because we are w
  11. PLEASE NOTE: This thread is old and was for the original Spriter. Info for the new Spriters Data format will begin in a new thread shortly. Hi everyone, For those looking for technical information on Spriters default file format, you can download it Here:http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/spriter_docs.zip I'll answer some of the critical Spriter Questions here: 1) Curently Spriter exports the data as a plain-english INI file. This is so anyone can make a small program to convert the easy to read data into whatever custom format they might want or need, BUT I do plan on making the tool export
  12. Hi everyone. Please use this thread to post any suggestions you might have for features. cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey
  13. Hi everyone.. Please post your bugs in this thread and I'll Edit this top post to always reflect all nkown bugs and their curent status. Thanks much. BUGS FIXED On starting, the frame preview window isn't set properly to the default prefs. FIXED X close (top right corner) button doesn't close the app. FIXED Window's tab right click doesn't close the app. FIXED Scrolling Charmap stuff ugly FIXED Loads in desktop folders of you cancel out of load or create! FIXED On rename anim, it warns if you don't change the name, just exit out if its the same FIXED Key pressing for opacity change bro
  14. Hi everyone, Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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