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  1. Just got an email back from Ludei asking if they'll ever have CocoonJS able to work with Spriter and C2, the reply I got is below. This is a setback for me, and likely for others, and I wanted to share it with you. Hi Chris Not at this moment, we support skeltal animations trought CAAT as you can see here: http://hyperandroid.github.io/CAAT/docu ... index.html But this is based on Esoteric software (http://esotericsoftware.com/) and not on Brashmonkey's Spriter. There is no plans to add support for this in the future because is something that you can do with javascript... Sorry for any inconvenience, Carlos
  2. Here's a few that might be useful Player: Casting spell Double Jump Swimming Taunt Talking
  3. I'm also wondering how it'll interact with CocoonJS, since I plan on using it with Spriter as well. Are there any updates on that front? Thanks
  4. Say, you have a knight in your mouse-driven game. Will it be possible to make the knight's sword point at your mouse, and have the bones of his arm and body react accordingly? How would it be possible to do this in Construct 2? Thanks for your help!
  5. The things I would like are Tooltips, ease of use things, clear labels : I had to watch the video to figure out how to do things. Messaging to communicate how to do things would be very helpful. True IK that adjusts all bones necessary, not just one bone back On that note, the ability to set acceptable angles for bones to bend, so shoulders automatically don't pop out of sockets Skew/stretch, just a really important animation thing. Check out #1 on this list for details. http://art-eater.com/2010/07/test-1-darkstalkers/ Good product so far, needs a bit more to be great though!
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