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  1. Johndose

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    In Skeleton animation software. As far as I notice, there are few in the market out there, include spriter pro. This is great choice to have a new, robust skeleton animation software to have it right now. However, it has to be really eye-catching to make customer move away from their comfort zone(the software their are familiar with). Spriter2 and Alchemist seem really powerful, and it is really great to have official support in multiple engine. But almost all of the engine that planned to support which already had a lot of choice to choose with. If I am indie dev, choose to cooperate wi
  2. Johndose

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    To be honest, now majority of spine animation software is support unity, but no any other software support godot at the moment. The one and only factor will make me want to back or purchase spriter2 and alchemist is support official plugin with godot. That is a Big Plus for me. Since godot is really good at 2d, but it lack of software to support itself to better and easier develop a solid 2d game compare with other engine. But currently I did not see a ETA to have it, even though I admit those feature quick attractive, still not decisive factor for me.
  3. Johndose

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    I hope there will plan to have godot plugin as soon as possible. Godot is fast growing open source engine which really need some decent 2d animation software. Especially there almost no any other official support godot of skeleton animation software in the market at the moment. If you can make it quick, at least you will get the chance that godot community more likely to choose your product, with the new product launch to the market that maybe a great move, I think.
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