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  1. Ah, now I see it. Thank you, both (@loodakrawa & @Mike at BrashMonkey) for looking into this. Makes total sense. Well, that was the only 'issue' I came across, so SpriterDotNet.Unity actually works perfectly fine with Unity 2017.1. Apologies for the confusion!
  2. MacOs 10.12.6 / Macbook Pro 15" 2.3Ghz (Late 2013) Steam Store version. First Issue: I'm getting frequent crashes (Quit Unexpectedly) on my machine making things very difficult to work with. Seems to be intermittent too. Intermittent crash when I open a project (namely the Female gun character from your Run n Gun pack) - Actually, as a side note, it complains that there are missing images when I load this. Missing images on other characters too. I assumed this was normal? Intermittent crash when dragging CharMaps from Available to Active. (See Crash Log, attached). Second issue: The app always opens using the entire desktop area. It never remembers the size of the window when you change it and quit. Very annoying, as I'm using an Ultrawide monitor! Window size should really be saved for the next time you open, like all other apps. Hope this helps and looking forward to a fix or a workaround! Crash Dump (CharMap Dragging).txt
  3. Many thanks. It's definitely working (of sorts)... so, I'll go through the steps below... (typing this as I do them): This is in Unity 2017.1.0f3 on MacOS 10.12.6 (Not tried it on my WIndows dev kit yet...) Imported SpriterDotNet.Unity.Examples.unitypackage into Unity (FYI. See ImportLog.txt for Warnings in the Unity console). Drag example Controller into empty scene. Drag Female_Player project folder from the Run n' Gun Pack into the Unity assets folder. Prefabs for 3 Female anims created fine - (Player_arm_cannon, Player_gun, Player_sword). Drag Player_gun prefab into scene (Looks good). Run the game in the Editor. Idle animations run perfectly. SwitchAnimation() works fine. All animations can be switched to. Problems with Transition(): First 3 transitions work fine (hitting right arrow - Transition(1)). 4th transition does a weird scale and rotate of the helmet. Happens with a couple of the other transitions too, but not all. PushCharacterMap() goes through the maps but ends up with a headless character (Red Herring: See my EDIT below!) Now, I'm new to Spriter, and SpriterDotNet, so no idea if any of these are expected behaviours (something with the animation project itself!?), but this is what I've noticed so far with the very little I've had a play with. Not had a chance to go through the controller code yet either, other than looking at the key presses! Anyway, I hope this helps. EDIT (26/07/2017): Forget the headless thing. I've just been playing with the CharMap in Spriter for this character and there is indeed a headless version in there! Sorry for the confusion. However, I've left the gif up so you can see the rotations going wrong. Cheers, Tarique ImportLog.txt
  4. Damn... I just bought Spriter for a major client project, assuming this would work in Unity 2017.1 Just tried it out and it *seemed* to work, until I used the controller to switch animations, most of which worked, but some just did some weird skewed scaling thing. FYI, I tried it on the female character from the Run n' Gun Platformer pack. If you can take a look at updating / fixing the issues, that'd be most welcome! (pretty please!)... Otherwise, it's been a bit of a deal breaker for me... Off to try the other Spriter2UnityDX plugin in the meantime...
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