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    SuRge991 reacted to Kent2D in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here's my entry for the contest! :> 
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    SuRge991 got a reaction from Jiih in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    I started to work on my boss submission when I first saw the announcement thread around late July and early August.
    Artists had an entire month to work on it.
    If we're extending the deadline, would we be allowed to improve our current submissions?
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    SuRge991 reacted to Jiih in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    I agree with Ferraics Enterrainment, I don't think it's fair for those who submitted in time. Who is in got in knowing there could be someone doing some foul play and even though people got it, gave their best to do everything in time to deliver in time. So, I think the deadline shouldn't be extended. Aside from that, I agree to the new rules.
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    SuRge991 reacted to lucid in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    First off, this could have all been avoided had we heeded the community's warnings against Like-based voting, specifically relating to how easy it is to manipulate and abuse the system.  We hope we can all agree that getting the contest back on track to a system where the art can be judged based solely on its merits is ideal for everyone.  We've actually lined up some fantastic artists and animators who are willing to judge the contest and are not privy to this current mess of a situation.  
    When the situation was first brought to our attention for a specific user, when we went to verify, we ended up seeing another user's submission on the site.  Had we waited another five minutes, or logged in five minutes earlier, it's likely we wouldn't have seen the second video, or maybe we would have seen a third.  As has been covered in the thread already, it's possible for anyone to submit any video to KingdomLikes, and without turning this community into a crime scene investigation, it would be impossible to figure out who is abusing the system and how.  I'm sure KingdomLikes is not the only way to unfairly generate additional likes.  For this reason, we think it would be unfair to disqualify any specific participant(s) when we can't prove wrongdoing, and we would potentially be benefitting another abuser of the system who simply wasn't caught. 
    The best solution is to switch to a system that can't be abused and where any potential current or previous abuse is irrelevant.  
    Here is what we propose:
    The contest will be judged by three judges with game industry and animation experience. So far, we have two awesome judges lined up - Nick Wozniak (Artist on Shovel Knight (http://store.steampowered.com/app/250760/)), and Nathan Lavato (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gdquest/game-art-quest-make-professional-2d-art-with-krita/description).   We're currently working on a third.   Edit:  We have our third judge: Louice Adler, concept and graphic artist at Tripwire Interactive (creators of Killing Floor) In order to give an opportunity for anyone who stayed out of the contest due to the original YouTube-based judging to make an entry and participate, we'd like to extend the window of submission until the original judging date of August 31st (6 days from now).  This is also an opportunity for anyone who's already submitted to further tweak or improve your current entries if you'd like.  The judging should take place within a few days after that. Anyone who makes any attempt to privately communicate with any of the judges before the judging takes place will be automatically disqualified regardless of the content of their communication. Also, since we're trying to fix past oversights with the rules, we'd like to take this opportunity to clarify some things that weren't made explicit in the previously posted rules.
    Any sound effects in the submitted video should originate from the Spriter animation (sound effects should play back with the animation in Spriter) You may have background music as long as either you (or your team) created it or you have the rights to use it. Judging will be based only on visuals (and use of sound effects, if applicable) but not on background music. No post production video effects other than simple fades from one animation to another.  Please avoid any effects that might be mistaken for part of the animation created in Spriter. Don't worry if you have doubts about your already submitted entry breaking one of these clarified rules - all current entries will be allowed as they are. All original rules aside from judging, prizes, and the clarifications made in this post still apply (see original post in this thread for reference) As a thank you for agreeing to the rule change, we'll also increase the total prize pool to allow two additional prize winners, and a slight increase to second and third prize:
    The Grand Prize of $1,000.00 USD Second place Prize of $400.00 USD Third Place Prize of $300.00 USD Fourth Place Prize of $200.00 USD Fifth Place Prize of $100.00 USD We can only enact these rule changes if all the current entrants agree to it.   To make this as simple and painless as possible, if you agree to this rule change please like this post (using the like button on the bottom right of the post ().  Once we have every participant in agreement, we can make the changes official.
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    SuRge991 got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    "The Avatar of Mischief"
    [Concept Art] - From 2D Sketch to Sprite Atlas
    [Update] V2 up.
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    SuRge991 reacted to .... in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
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    SuRge991 reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    Hi everyone,

    We value everyone's feedback and we want everyone to have fun with the contest and to feel it's fair. Our plan is to have other contests in the future where we will likely try other methods of judging based on everyone's suggestions. For this contest however, it would be inappropriate and potentially illegal for us change the rules (or form of judging) sense the contest has already begun.

    There are many reasons we went with this simple YouTube approach for our first contest.

    1) It eliminates the need for individual official judges and potential perceived “conflict of interest”. We have in the past and still do work with and sometimes commission many members of the Spriter community to do official work for BrashMonkey, and it would have been terrible for them and for the quantity and quality of entry animations if none of those artists could participate.

    2) Popularity is not only a good thing for Spriter, its a great thing for artists. Really popular YouTube or social media people who enter the contest will bring with them all their followers. Each entry will directly link to a playlist with all entries and will have carefully worded text in the description asking that they click like on the art of their choice only after having seen all of the entries, and mentioning that they can vote for multiple entries if they so choose. This should mean each artists creations will be seen by a lot more people than would otherwise be the case, and even if fans of a specific person click like on that person's entry, they might very well also click on yours. This means increased visibility for all of the artists and publicity for your art and whatever game or art project you're working on.

    3) We intentionally chose a subject matter for the contest which is fun and very flexible.. which would overlap as much as possible with projects artists would already be working on... so that work you were already creating or would have to create anyway for your personal projects could be entered into the contest. This allows all potential entrants to decide how much effort to put into the contest.. the potential of winning is very real, but in general, one should only enter contests if the other, tertiary benefits alone would make it worthwhile (publicity, practice, excitement, or, in this case, free advertising of a sort for your project if you use one of its characters as your entry). This way, winning is a potential bonus and you don't feel like you've wasted time and effort if you don't take home the grand prize.

    We hope our decision at least makes sense and that despite the potential for your favorite artist or yourself to not win, we hope you'll agree its still worth it to enter and find out - as well as to reap the other benefits, if you perceive them to be there. Also, the more successful this contest is (amount of exposure the contest receives, amount of participation, etc), the more often we can have contests in the future, which can explore new themes, new prizes, and new methods for judging the entrants.
    One last note about the benefits of increased visibility. Don't forget, we have a community marketplace. If you are not creating the Boss Animations for your own project, you could put it in the marketplace and potentially sell your creation to other game creators for them to use in their games. The contest would be a great way to introduce your for-sale animation to a larger part of the game making community.

    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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