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  1. Zkane

    Steam Key?

    Javier, I still have not gotten an answer about this either...so idk BTW, ive never heard u can generate a cd-key from some steam games..interesting
  2. Zkane

    Steam Key?

    I am curious about the opposite, I bought on steam and am wondering about if can get stand alone access outside of steam. are they the exact same versions? cause i know how some people say steam versions of stuff are not updated as much
  3. *Edit by BrashAdmin* Hey Zkane..the post above yours was Spam, which I've now removed. Sorry for all the spam everyone, I'm still learning this new forum system and still finding best practices to keep the roving armies of spam-bots at bay. Thanks for your patience. Cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey ^what is all that BS
  4. so,....if bought through steam. do we still get stand alone access? outside of steam?..seems no one wants to comment on that :(
  5. I posted same question in another post, but seems more relevant here maybe. since I purchased spriter through steam do I still get access to these art packs?
  6. If I purchased spriter through steam , do I get access to these Art packs also? **ok, nvm on that read on steam and i found the folder they are in, but still wondering if get standalone key outside of steam?
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