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  1. Hi, Mike. Thanks for your answer. I should take care using some expressions for my non-native english, you are right I mean, that was the only way I found about private alpha testing. When I click on link it says: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 I purchased Spriter Pro as a "Spriter Pro Early Adopter License". It was on June, 11st, 2014. I think it was on BrashMonkey website, but I cannot remember. If you need more references I could send you the activation mail or whatever you require for this. Indee
  2. Hi, guys. I'm a Spriter Pro license owner, but I can't find links for private alpha downloading. This is a dead end road.
  3. Hi Mike. Any update on this? (I mean Updating animations wtih no replacing method)
  4. Hi Mike. I have just created a new entity with several animations, but I cant create action points with the same name in the differents animations. For example: if I create an action point named "shootpoint" in the animation 001, and then I create in the animation 002 an action point named "shootpoint", it will be auto renamed to shootpoint_000. After this, in C2, I wll have to call every action point by a different name. Can you help me?
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