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  1. It would be nice if you guys implement some kind of "flag" system, just like sound but just for programmable events.
  2. Last night i was animating an Archer Character and i had a serveral problems with the IK Function. That AFTER instaling the B6 Preview, I Dont know if that affects anything. Handling them using the Shift-Key makes that "Crack" Animation, wich i can workaround. But when using the IK Lock Feature, it just makes me want to Die. I never had this problem, Started the animation from the Zero two times - New project, selec the Folder, Select the Sprites and put them together in the Stage and start rigging. All seems fine, the Tween, Bones, Rigging... Even the new Easing Feature works great, but when use the Shift key to use the IK Feature or the IK Locking it all turn into hell. I'll throw in a youtube link with the preview animaton inside spriter showing what happens. I´m doing something wrong? Bone Setting or Rigging? Just watched the Basic tutorial to see if i´m skipping any basic step or something wrong. Halp? D:
  3. Hey kimo, can you share your code for the quadratics and cubics curves? Also, do you have any idea on the quartic and quintic curves?
  4. I just implemented the beziér curve... Also made some other implementations on the project, such as the possibility to change a texture, rotate a bone or change the animation velocity in runtime.
  5. Hi NowSayPillow and Laquendi, First, I would like to thank you for your Spriter implementation. We have an indie studio that started last year and we are using it to develop our first game for PC. We are making a 2d shooter game in a "Metal Slug" style. Although, our characters move theirs arms towards the aim's direction and therefore we have some issues concerning the implementation. 1. Is it possible to rotate a single bone dynamically instead of the whole animation? 2. Is it possible to change the texture dynamically (through coding) instead of changing the whole animation to another animation that has another texture? (Example: I have a Character that got hit by a bullet and I want to change his head texture without changing anything else). 3. Do you plan to implement the next version of Spriter (beta 6)? If you don't, could you please implement the reference points at least? We really appreciate your help. You did an amazing job. Thank you very much.
  6. Hello NowSayPillow. I downloaded your implementation and tried, but simply compiling the code results in nothing, a blank page. I tried to load my own .scml but it also gives a bad result: only the feet of my wolf appears, and the rest of the body appears only one frame on the loop, i guess is the first one. Am i doing something wrong? There are something i supposed to do?
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