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  1. That did indeed fix the problem. Thanks so much for the help! -- Geoff
  2. Hmmmm. I've never worked with monogame, but I'd imagine the current version of the project wouldn't be wholly difficult to port over. I'm currently loading up files from version 4 without a problem. The only thing that's been added that isn't implemented yet is the bezier curve motion type (as opposed to linear or immediate) other than that everything *seems* to be working as intended. https://github.com/NowSayPillow/xnaBrashSpriter As for modifying things at runtime, it should be possible, most of the structures and objects are accessible and if they aren't you can always make changes to where you need it. Hope this helps -- Geoff
  3. As you can see in the following timeline for what's supposed to be a bed falling from the sky, bouncing, and landing I've got multiple keys with the exact same time stamp. Your spriter program seems to know exactly what to do with this information but anytime I load it into my project I get glitches because it *always* grabs the first key that matches the timeline, but that key isn't necessarily the correct one -- actually, it /usually/ isn't. To make matters worse if I go into the file and modify it manually I can fix it. But then every-time our artists changes the file I have to jump through the hoops again. My questions: Why does this happen? Is this supposed to happen? If not, how do I avoid it in the future? If it is, then how do I go about selecting the "correct" key? Thanks -- Geoff <timeline id="35" name="bed"> <key id="0" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="1" time="44" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="2" time="149" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="3" time="199" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="4" time="249" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="5" time="299" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="6" time="351" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="7" time="398" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="8" time="439" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="9" time="499" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="10" time="549" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="11" time="2305" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="1500" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="12" time="3014" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111.000239" y="1499.999933" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="13" time="3014"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="365.388731" y="1365.537347" pivot_x="0.495884" pivot_y="0.347269" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="14" time="3375"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="355.061939" y="-47.96479" pivot_x="0.495884" pivot_y="0.347269" angle="10.025348"/> </key> <key id="15" time="3375" spin="-1"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="135.068468" y="-126.580453" pivot_x="0.046917" pivot_y="0.157376" angle="10.025348"/> </key> <key id="16" time="3607" spin="-1"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="133.297382" y="-49.772419" angle="355.753348"/> </key> <key id="17" time="3607" spin="-1"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="122.148717" y="125.113834" angle="355.753348"/> </key> <key id="18" time="3796"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="137.785772" y="105.939726" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1" angle="352.726103"/> </key> <key id="19" time="3993"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="97.414938" y="96.94195" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1" angle="4.543949"/> </key> <key id="20" time="3993" spin="-1"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="587.305237" y="-45.931673" pivot_x="0.929886" pivot_y="0.120216" angle="4.543949"/> </key> <key id="21" time="4132" spin="-1"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="588.031518" y="-134.235504" angle="0"/> </key> <key id="22" time="4132" spin="0"> <object folder="1" file="0" x="111" y="47" angle="0"/> </key> </timeline>
  4. Sorry guys (and girls), I was subscribed to this thread when I stopped getting the emails I stopped coming here to check. Not sure what happened. Um, yeah. I guess that's cool as long as I can I take a peek at your code (just the Spriter stuff) so that I can implement the non-monogame stuff back into the master branch, yeah? Is this one stable at all? We should look at merging them if it is. (Thanks for keeping the project alive. :D) Do you have a fork of the project or something that you could upload your changes to? I'd love to be able to put them into the master branch so that there's a complete working version of this project for XNA somewhere on the internet.
  5. He's gone? Shoot, he was a tonne of help... :/ Easing curves is something my animator is interested in so I'll hopefully be looking into them in future, but only if the xml schema is massively changed between this version and the next. :) -- NSP
  6. Yeah, I just saw the teaser for B6... Most of the stuff in there is well beyond my needs. It's probably going to be a long while before I get around to adding that stuff to the repository.
  7. I know what you're trying to do because we had to do the same thing for our game (we're even building the same kind of game oddly enough). What we did is have the arms separate and we drew them on afterwards, if you want to do what you're talking about you're gonna have to crawl through the data provided and look for a specific bone ID and object ID, find out where they are and update their location after they've been updated but before they've been drawn. This implementation isn't really built for what you want to do; what you're looking for is called inverse kinematics. You can read up on that if you want. (Good luck, it's way over my head. lol) You can change the texture to a "ouch" face again you're gonna have to find out which objectID it is and update the texture ID it's looking at before it's drawn. Just remember to set it back when you're done. Yeah, we'll be updating as often as possible (keep in mind though, any time spend on this is time taken away from my game) so if the updates are slow in coming, that's why.
  8. It's made for anything that's made in Beta 3 and before. I haven't actually tried to render anything from B4 yet. By all right's it should still work unless they made massive changes. [edit]
  9. Alright, I merged the fork into the master branch. Sorry it took so long, and thanks for all your help Laquendi. As for LadyApoLLo, have you tried Laquendi's fork yet? (Or the master now, I guess). Did that fix the problem? -- NSP
  10. Yeah, sorry. I was AFK all weekend. I'll take a look at this stuff tonight. -- NSP
  11. Oops. LGPL was the license I meant to use. Sorry. It's been updated and commited. Good luck! -- NSP
  12. Got it! You can download\branch\fork it here. It's under the GPLv2 license. Hope it's not too restrictive. I tried to pick a license that was as open as possible. If anyone finds or squishes some bugs in their own forks of the project I'd love to see or hear about them so I can fix the master. -- NSP
  13. Oi. Never really expected people to use it let alone upgrade it. Haha. I'll set up a repository on one of the two sites you suggested. I've no problem with people fixing my code (I never expected it to be perfect) or using it in their projects. I'll create a repo, pick a license that suits, and link it here as soon as I get the chance tonight. Thanks again -- NSP
  14. Thanks! I'll take a look as soon as I get home. As for the Draw function, I wasn't entirely sure people would be using that one or trying to roll their own; so I figured I'd just give everyone the basic idea of how to draw and they could take it from there. Thanks -- NSP
  15. Just wanted to post here that I finished (well, hopefully) my implementation of Spriter's SCML in XNA over the weekend. It works with bones, tweening and what-have-you. You can find a download link and a sample by following this link. Cheers -- NSP
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