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    KFII reacted to Roccinio in Plugin for Unreal Engine 4   
    Hello everyone,
    I am a proud spriter user for more than year and a half now. I have been waiting patiently for unreal support for quite some time  and to be honest i never understood why i saw no progress in that area. Since unreal went free and the fact that paper2d is improving by the day  a lot more people have started using it (and i am certain that one day soon it will surpass unity) so it would be a good idea if you guys communicated with them and helped them out regarding a scon importer.
    The lead paper2d developer has created a WIP Scon importer yesterday and you can read the first official comment by him in the pape2d thread inside the unreal forums .
    What are you waiting foooor (worst movie ever!lol)? Join us in the unreal forums and help us paper2d developers to finally drag and drop all of our spriter files in there!
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    KFII reacted to Gus in Plugin for Unreal Engine 4   
    Any hope for a Unreal Engine 4 plugin?
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    KFII reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Plugin for Unreal Engine 4   
    Absolutely, Gus, It's "on our radar".. but as you know we have to focus on finishing Spriter 1.0 first. Also, We'll need to find an experienced UE4 developer to hopefully collaborate with as well. This will all be much easier after the release of 1.0...and after Edgar has finished writing example implementation in C++ (which is the next priority after 1.0 is released)
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    KFII got a reaction from lucid in End of year update   
    Hey Brashmonkey guys, 

    Congrats for all your achievements in 2014, you're doing a fantastic job with Spriter (as usual : ) I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts and continuous development.
    Hoping that 2015 will be your best year ever, and wishing you and everybody (admins/fellow users) a happy new year too : )

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