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  1. What will be the first engines that support spriter 2 animations?

    My concern is that you will target Unity3d because its popular- but unity3d already has these features built in. Moving on to Unreal- very few people use it for 2d games..

    Construct3's new license stops me from using it. Fusion 3 is nowhere near release- judging by clickteam's behavior.

    Game maker would make a lot of sense.

    If we want to look at open source - Gdevelop as well as Godot 3 would be fantastic!

  2. @Mike at BrashMonkey Well, since spriter 2 may not be coming this year, next year or god knows when, can you guys at least add to the current version of spriter freeform transform tool deformation?

    Something that would allow us to at least skew body parts. 

    Even Optix sprite studio has  it:



    see here:

     eventhough optix has the same limitation as spriter- not being able to create meshes and bind a single sprite to multiple bones, it still has a more flexible sprite transformation that gives way more creative freedom.

    Would that be a lower hanging fruit achievable before 2? :)

  3. Spriter 1* will not do mesh deformation in general. The developer needs to rewrite a lot of the core functionality to get that - thus why we have been waiting for 2 for years now and no word of when 2 is coming out

    For now use Dragonbones, but please do note that if you export to spine2d and the runtime in the game engine you use was writter by esoteric soft - you wont be allowed to use it unless you have purchased their expensive 300$ license.

  4. Ok on sub entity parenting to bones:

    I managed to get it to work, my mistake was i think that I did not do the parenting on the frame one or that i parented it to a bone that already had a sprite assigned to it.

    I am not entirely sure why it was glitching out on me.

    A solid bug i can confirm though is that sub entities dissapear in construct2. Also  "delete from all frames" command doesnt work on them

  5. It would be awesome and save a lot of work to many animators if you add an animation motor system similar to Creature






     A Motor is simply a component that executes a certain type of behavior on a group of bones or a region mesh. Different types of Motors perform different operations.


    have a look at this:


  6. Theres noticeable sound lag of about 1.5 seconds when playing platformer game from tutorial, will this be improved in the future? Its quite bad, sound plays almost 2 seconds too late.


    can you please file a bug report at the forum? Which tutorial? On the online app or the open source game maker app? The sound lag might be partly due to an old example file not being totally compatible with the new version of the engine.

    It might be a real bug as well.


    They fix things relatively fast, you just have to tell them you found a bug at the official forum.

  7. Hello, are there any plans of a pixi.js implementation. I am asking because my favorite engine is using pixi.js - gdevelop.


    Gdevelop is an open source alternative to construct2. It Builds html5 games, ready for intel XDK packaging.

    It's editor runs on both windows and Linux.


    Unlike construct2 it can also build native games - for windows and linux. In the future for mac as well.


    Since last year it has matured quite a bit- also got open sourced. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.



    it's github page (see its getting constant updates)



    Please consider making an implementation. Unlike any of the other engines you support, this one is open source. You can integrate spriter within its workflow better than any of the others. It is completely free, and you dont have to be a programmer to use it.

  8. Hi, it is perhaps worth noting that GAMEDEVELOP is now completely open source!! :)

    It is the only open source and multiplatform (linux, windows and mac in the future) html5 game authoring software.

    Please consider creating an implementation for a spriter object.

    Here is the GIT repo:


    There is also a browser (non open source) version here:


    There are also plans for an asset store. So spriter would fit just right in.

    Its open source nature would allow you to make a better integration with spriter than any of the other game engines.

    Currently its getting many new features such as the tilemap object


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