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  1. Here are the animations a bit updated. I moved the shield to the forearm to make it look more convincing. I stretched the legs in the running animation just a bit to make it more dynamic. Also the gifs should run a bit faster now, so hopefully you can get a better idea of what the animation looks like.
  2. Here is something I've been working on today. The basic idea is to make some sort of a 2D side scrolling game, heavily inspired by demon's souls/dark souls. What do you guys think?
  3. I have a suggestion, tho it might be a bit detached from what the point of Spriter is. Perhaps it could be nice to have the option to set a frame around your animation and then using this frame, being able to export PNG sprite sheets, in case you want to go the oldschool way. Right now it works pretty well with the sequential images, that can be arranged in a sprite sheet, but having this as an automated option could be very convenient.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here. Here's the first animation that I've done with Spriter. I have to say I really like this tool. I'm starting up now with the game that this animation is for. It's going to be a fighting/exploration game about a Japanese man, who's soul is sent to the netherworld to be tested by gods and demons. Very inspired by games like Muramasa, tho the gameplay won't be sidescrolling, but more like a roguelike. Everything will be drawn on hand with traditional media and then thrown in Spriter for animation. The animations might end up looking a bit "woody", but I actually like that, because it gives the game a more "moving illustration" kind of feel. I plan to use Unity as the engine. There will be more animations soon (can't wait for the new alpha of this awesome tool). Anyway hope you enjoy my art style. Cheers! EDIT: I made a walking animation, where I realized that I needed to separate the feet from the lower leg parts. I also need to make some animations for the hands and I'm off to making the sword swinging animations
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