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  1. The password is the name of a superstructure plugin you wrote that was super-duper-helpful back in the days: [edit]
  2. I've encountered a weird bug that keep happening to me. Even though all the parts are in the folder "parts", when I reload the file it will move some parts to another folder, ending up like this: and it should be: I've never moved the files, or renamed them... or anything.
  3. Some of these are bugs and some features... or bugs :] * Pressing the "Add Keyframe" on the timeline will crash Spriter in an empty project. * When you change "Animation Length" to less than 1000, the timeline gets rescaled and then you have to rescale up. * The selection in the viewport is deselected when you move the slider in the timeline. * Whenever you change a value, the change is commited directly. Say, you enter size to be 0,2, if you enter 0 the sprite will crash the program (since it can't have a value of zero I would assume). Wait to make the changes until the user deselects the window or alternatively press enter. * When using scale-constraint (SHIFT) you should be able to press SHIFT after you've started scaling and it will snap back to original "uniform" scale. Instead of just using the new scale ratio to constrain it. * After undo, all my gizmos are super small. * You can't use the right click IK anchor or inheritence unless your window is maximized.
  4. I haven't read this thread or know what's in the pipeline, these are just my immediate brainstorm ideas :) Frame * Being able to make certain objects un-selectable. Interface * Optional using MMB to pan the canvas. Animation * A curve editor. *EDIT* Come to think of it, all you need is to be able to set EASE IN / EASE OUT on a keyframe. * A lightbox environment (for example, 3d animation overlay for tracing). * Being able to import a sequence of files, placing key of each frame on a define increment of frames. (related to previous idea) Keep it strong, very solid progress!
  5. The best results I got was doing a pre-vis in 3d animation and then trace and / or use it as reference. Also if you use motion blur, it's very forgiving.
  6. Fantastic update guys! You should really create a gallery part of the forums so we can post what we do :)
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