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  1. Question! : is it okay if we add sound to the boss animation?
  2. OUUUUUUUH! alright! thank you very much! and that was very helpful! and for sure that your plan in the future will be awesome!!!! thanks again! *thumbsup* you rock!
  3. Ouh thanks! alright! one more question, how can I check those animations and transition them, it keeps on looping the 1st animation. the previous Plugin which was Spriter2Unity had the option to go to the Animator Window and you will have all the Animations there, and from there you can connect them and control how the transition works. any similar option with SpriterdotnetUnity?
  4. hi there loodakrawa! I just downloaded it! awesome man! it worked smooth! but am wondering one thing, I can't seem to find the animations I had in my file in the animator, I did read your documentation but I didn't see anything about it. ( or I just didn't understand ) you mind explaining the process in depth regarding that? thank you very much!
  5. Thank you so much! super helpful and will make workflow super fast and good!!!!
  6. sorry that am posting this here but am still getting used to using forums ( noob ) so! I have been working with Spriter2Unity for a while and I have noticed something very critical to optimizing Spriter to work with Unity better! In Unity, when using a texture map ( graphic ) it will do a Draw call ( which is pulling that graphic from the game database ), I have noticed something when I use Spriter2Unity, it draw call all the parts of what ever graphic that was made inside spriter into the frame, meaning ( if a character is made out of 20 parts, it will cost 20 draw calls ) for a cellphone game 100 draw calls is a bit too much so 20 is too much for a single character on screen. the solution is! Unity can slice a single texture sheet to many parts for sprites use, and lets say a map for 4000x4000 has like 100 sprites all these sprites will be a single draw call! but in different batchs. still a SINGLE draw call! so! if there is a way that we can make spriter slice parts from a single sheet, that will even improve the workflow drastically. for editing, a person can just open a single file, color pick and edit on the fly but when having so many stuff in different small files it will be a bit tought to edit stuff. tell me what you think guys!
  7. Problem solved, it seems that the issue was accuired when two files were combined together, one that the character had the eyes attached to the bone and one didnt, thats what created that weird glitch. anyone here knows if we can edit the animation files and the transitions inside Unity? to have total control over the animations?
  8. Dear Sir Me and my friends are working on a game using Spriter for Animation and Unity as a game engine, we have been facing various issues with the plugin and we found out how to go around them but now, this is a puzzleing one, Mike asked me to contact you regarding the issue. I will send you the file link on Private msg on your forum profile. the issue is the following : some Animations transitions are glitching, floating parts, parts waiting to meet each other in the transitions, when you run this file you will see the dark creature transitioning from Idle > fall > hitting the ground > standing up > idle. you will notice the eye in the transition from Idle to fall and from standing up to idle where the eye float in mid air waiting to meet it self from the other animation. the Spriter file is clean, all the images that are used are the same and didnt change on it, and even i removed the eyes completely and reassigened new ones again to all animations just to make sure, but still facing the same issue. please we would love a fix for this because we really want to promote Spriter to Unity Plugin in our game. Thank you very much Merry Christmas and happy new year Team Skeletal Clock ( Zaid , Ali and Jim )
  9. alright so I have done it differently I used to run the package after running unity and i didnt start it Standard Packages. I started it now from Standard Packages and it works fine. using Unity 4.5.f21
  10. and I had the same exact issue as The Dark One's as I tested it following his video ( we both are working on the same project )
  11. Alright! I have an issue here! ( Unity Spriter Plug-in ) every time I import the spriter files into Unity the files just look at me blankly ( doesn't animate ), i do the transition effect and press play and the sprite is not moving at all. tried to import them all at once in a same folder, or seprate folder but non has worked. help please :? and yes the spriter SCML file and the PNG folder were in the same folder.
  12. Am sorry to ask this since am really a noob but can we work with spriter inside Unity without Ex2D? or Spriter Collab with Ex2D to make the magic happen? :)
  13. hi there! I have a suggestion for the skeleton rig tool I don't know if you are working on this already or not, but i suggestion if possible you make a stretch and squash option in the bones to make and arm or a leg longer a bit or every stretch it to make better more fluidy animation
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