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  1. Not a bug, but a request anyways... please oh please let us control hierarchy state. Please keep the current collapse state. Everytime I need to move objects around and relink bones and stuff. The entire tree expands.... aaaaahhh. It drives me nuts. Please stop this. If I prefer to start with collapsed and expanding as needed. This is the same behaviour that drives me nuts in SWTOR crafting and worse Construct 2 objects. Everyone stop expanding the tree when I drop something into it :(
  2. @jayderyu do you mean your folder that should be showing up in the file palette are on a separate machine? And if so, did it work on the previous version? ok. when a new project is started with images already in folders or root of the project folder. There are no images. When I put images/folders in the root folder of an already existing project. There are no folder or images. this is a root spriter project location in the folder title. The scml file droust.scml sits in that location \\networkgroup\ServerDrive\team_projects\Draoust_assets\spriters\draoust under draoust ...\draoust title.jpg credits.jpg \dragonparts\head.jpg \dragonparts\body.jpg the result is a complete empty file pallet. There isn't and never was anything. Any images I put in have to be dragged and dropped. Also there is no prior working either. It didn't just break. I just didn't know how or what file pallet was until watching the video again. Then when I watched with more attention I saw all the images in the file pallate. I saw that you can highlight an object and will see a object bar of images to swap. So after that realization I moved the project to test on a local drive(not network) and it all worked as should be. It's just a simple case that Spriter doesn't use the networking call directory structure. It just seem to use drive reference. "\\networkgroup\" I suspect this is what breaks it. it's the network reference for windows and Spriter doesn't handle it. It would be fantastic if this could be working for 1.0 :)
  3. Just to let you know. I found if not a bug, but a compatability problem. The File Pallette system doesn't work over a network. I do most of my project over a network. But unfortunaly Spriter just doesn't player well. My server is WindowsXP and the Client is on Windows7. This is something that would be great if can be ready for Spriter 1.0
  4. You should store your images into folders sets. Player - Head - Body - Arms - Legs Goblin - Head - Body .... I beleive later you will be able to import different scml files into a single project. So you might want to start as seperate scml files.
  5. He won't release a date. Just that lucid is sealing up some of the gui and features for an early working release with some missing features. So it's just a matter of finishing up the sealed stuff and bug testing. I think they are bug testing right now. Though I do know how you feel. I was hoping for a Spriter that is easily usable for Construct 2. I'm aiming for an early April release and the animations are the last large bulk to be done. Personally wait a few days for the pre 1.0 release for teams like us that need to get working soon :) shouldn't be too much longer :)
  6. @therevillsgames I'm actually having the same problem. I read on the C2 forums that we are supposed use setWidth(-self.width). But that didn't really work. It just flipped the sprites, but also completely shifted the position. I'ave asked if either the scml plugin can have a proper mirror or if Spriter can have a way to mirror in the animator and then just save as "walk_left", "walk_right". I'm good with either solution personally. Though a proper mirror in the plugin is preferable. This, and no easy re-import are the reasons I haven't used the plugin yet. So I'm hoping the upcoming release offers a solution.
  7. Agreed don't do any permanent damage. I'm pretty sure Spriter next release will be done before I need(early april). In the mean time there is plenty of work on other parts of the game :D Though I appreciate the list of on the what to do before next release. posting that with what was last done would be a great marker :) take it easy :)
  8. no. sniffle. he isn't :( viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4&start=110 fourth post down :( Animation Flip :) I asked for it because C2 doesn't seem to play nice with Width and there is no Mirror alternative. I've seen someone do it, but no solution was given. Soooo. yes. need one in Spriter until everything works :)
  9. ooohhh, that's wonderful news. I smell a new release soon; as has always been mentioned.
  10. Sorry, there are 12 pages and I didn't look through them all. Here are some simple suggestions. I'm an ameture at this kind of software so I might miss some of the details. So I did take it as a newb and maybe needs to be more apparent for ease of use :D 1. Absolute numeric field control. Able to controlt he base size for bones and sprites from the field. I find most of the changes I try to make don't effect anything. 2. Animation flip. It would be great to have an in tool option to just flip an animation. So that we can have a Run Right, then just duplicate and flip and then have a Run left :) 3. bone pivot lock While I'm trying to move bones I find that I often make minor slip ups and move the bone. It would be helpful to just lock the pivot point to the parent. I often ctrl z to undo, but this is just convience :)
  11. No. i'm sorry. I'm out of patience the excitement gnaws at me whenever I'm at the computer. I suck at animation, but I find it far easier to do that drawing anything :D. the wait eats at my soul and my very body aches for the plugin :D Oh well. all there is to do is waiting. Oh right one more question about maybe something I missed. Spine2d? has the ability to move body parts independently. They showed a sample animation of Spineboy walking and the heading following the mouse. Will be able to divide animations? Have one walking animation and if I start firing a weapon have the upper body use a different set. Or would it be better to just animate both parts of the body seperatly?
  12. yeah I have to admit this "just a couple of days" is gnawing at my insides :D especially the C2 plugin. improting is soooo iffy. Re-import actually this reminds me. Guys when you do the C2 plugin PLEASE oh please make sure that the system has a model of "reimport". I was trying to use it. Got it working. Realized I couldn't flip anything easily so did another animation. and then everything broke. Not only did everything break. To add the spriter object again requires to remove EVERYTHING of the spriter object and in C2 this also automatically removes all actions and commands. In a large project this is devestating and an easy killer to using the Spriter. In C2 Spriter needs to be re-importablt on top of already existing spriter. It must replace cleanly. Either by moving the spriter files into position or just making it in built to the Spriter Plugin. It's not optional. As an example if I ever end up doing my rpg(side view) and all my NPC's, Players, monsters are in Spriter animation situation. Then I need to put in a new enemy or the animator changes some animation. At this time EVERY thing and everyone and everyanimation, binding, creation will have spriter code removed from the project. On such a large project could be remove 30% of the code for just a small change. re-import non optional. This also leads to Inverted I was trying to use Spriter and only animate right model. Then use Mirror. Spriter doesn't use mirror. So I found the hint of using -width. Well unfortunatly doing that in C2 left results that didn't look right. The object were flipped, but also the center position was moved. And in Spriter there is no easy flip while maintaining easy size reference. I'm fine having a good mirror mode either using spriter duplicate and flip or a method in C2 that doesn't create strange results. really, really want this out :D
  13. Well.... what is Tesco? I'm all up for more exposure, but the understanding of the question seemed more like A. "Sprite needs to be on steam before I buy it" and not B. "Sprite should be on steam" Now I can admit to misunderstanding the statement, but I personally thought the context was A rather than B.
  14. Just out of curiosity. Why does it need to be on Steam? you should be able to buy it anyways. I did :) Also I am hoping for a GMS plugin myself
  15. Will the new update be coming with a new C2 plugin. I could certainly use one.
  16. I have a few of questions as I'm an animator newb and only barely get Spriter :D 1. if Spriter projects are now supposed to handle a games entire spriter assets. What kind of orginization system is involved. If I need to change a head to another. What's to stop it from showing me all the other parts including enemies? The number of sprites are going to add up fast. 2. Will you be supporting SVG at some point. 3. How is changing clothing work in game. And if clothing is changed there is sometimes different angled versions of the clothing. How is that all handled? 4. Will there be a new tutorials for this release as the interface and new features are being added. 5. When is it coming out. I'm excited :)
  17. Any new information on the progress of the Spriter, plugins and especially Construct 2 plugin :D.
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