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  1. As a Construct 2 user, who has been keeping track of Spriter even before the Kickstarter, I have dabbled with it quite a bit, though I haven't tried something serious until now. I'm hoping to try using Spriter animations for my most recent project and my more original ideas (which I'm building an engine in C2 around), but I feel I'd need help in order to achieve that. Well, I've been trying to create a placeholder animation thing for human characters in Spriter, using the existing platformer essentials animations as a base and drawing the parts in Inkscape to create this featureless 'green man
  2. I've noticed with the platformer art pack with the gun, the gun in some animations has a different name despite being the same sprite as the others, and Spriter refuses to let me rename it to what it should be. The few animations where the name is wrong uses the numbered naming scheme of "hand-gun_***", with the asterisks denoting a number, usually 000 or 001. When exporting to, say, C2, this can cause issues when trying to work with the gun.
  3. Wow, these animations are amazing. Especially the first set, trying not to nosebleed over here, haha. I would really like to see how it works, but considering you said the animations are really complicated with a lot of image-switching, well... I suppose they're not quite so practical when you're trying to have them available for anyone else to use, which is a shame, because the animations are amazing. Keep up the good work, though!
  4. Long story short, I'm basically suggesting the idea of a generic, detail-less crash test dummy/manikin character with realistic human proportions, mainly just for general-purpose prototyping of animations. Nothing complicated, just something usable, it doesn't even really have to be good looking as long as people can use it, haha. I swear there was something like that being used in the vids for the rather earlier versions of Spriter, but...
  5. I haven't checked this whole thread, but... What about sub-animations? What I mean by this, is animations that occur without interrupting a 'main' animation, such as swinging a sword while in the middle of a walk cycle. The walk cycle continues as normal, but the upper body performs an attack sub-animation. The Mega Man Zero series does this with Zero's walking sword slash.
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