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    Thanks Mike, That clarifies things thank you. Two more little quick questions... I know there is unlikely a definite answer however any updates on an ETA for the full release? And will final pricing be announced before release? Also with reference to the other post yes mods would be good. I appreciate the time restraints of a small team which is all the more reason to recruit mods. 48hrs is a long time in the online world and as you near full release the team needs to be aware of PR issues to help make Spriter successful. All the best with the developement/release.
  2. Is this forum active or monitored at all?
  3. Hi All, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere however I cannot seem to find the exact information. With the current Spriter Pro:Pre-order, do you automatically get access to the beta pro version or do you have to wait for full release of V1.0? My understanding is that there currently is a close Beta which was accessed primarily from the kickstarter initiative which is no longer active. Also with the current purchase of Spriter Pro:Pre-order is the Construct 2 plugin included within the price (when it is released) or will it require further purchase? On that note will other plugins be extra
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