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  1. Spriter scales first using the pivot point as a reference. Negative values should mirror. After scaling the sprite is rotated by any rotation amount you have specified. Do you have any rotation on your sprite? Tim
  2. The current version of Spriter doesn't allow you to set them, but my understanding of the file format is that it does allow tags to be set at the frame of your choice. It also allows variables to be set to values (and tweened between frames) and to start playing a sound. So I presume the team intend providing these features at some point. You would need support in the plugin for your platform as well of course. Tim
  3. @rIKmAN @wrongtarget I don't think ordering the pro version gets you access to the daily builds. See this comment by BrashAdmin Tim (not part of Brashmonkey)
  4. The SCML file already contains locations, rotations and z-indexes and that data could be extracted out with an XML transform utility. If there are bones in the animation then locations and rotations would be relative to the bones. With an actual program it would be possible to produce a "filleted" version if you don't care about tweening as you say. Tim
  5. To mirror someone's head, a scale of -1 on the x axis should do the trick, assuming the sprite isn't rotated. If it is rotated you will have to change the rotation to go the "other way" as well. Regards, Tim
  6. My (unofficial) understanding is that the free version currently exports PNGs wherever you have defined a key frame. It doesn't create any intermediate positions. A future Pro version may support exporting intermediate positions, perhaps at a specified interval. The alpha version available for free from the web site supports the first kind of export already and I have successfully used it to obtain images for inclusion in a document.. Regards, Tim
  7. I have now put version 0.2 into the DropBox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gsmbqc62fz224cl/s82_KJhKPC It has 8 new tests. Tim
  8. I have now posted version 0.11 to Dropbox with ids on the objects. N.B. version a4.1 of Spriter will lose the ids if you save the file from it. Tim
  9. You are indeed correct, seems I shouldn't have trusted Spriter quite so much. I created the files with a3r1 but even a4r1 doesn't put ids onto non-tweened objects when it saves the file. (It loads and runs the files just fine though, so perhaps it is relying on something else.) I'm away from the machine I used to create the files, but I'll update soon. Thanks for the feedback, Tim
  10. I've managed to find some time! Please see this thread http://www.brashmonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2575 Regards, Tim
  11. The Spriter SCML has plenty of powerful features, but can bit a bit overwhelming to implement all at once. Full blown animations can use features you haven't debugged yet and leave you wondering exactly what has gone wrong. To help overcome this I have started writing a suite of tests which go through the SCML features one small chunk at a time. That way you can concentrate on getting all the bugs out of a limited area before moving on to the next. I've put it on Dropbox as a directory of files you can add to your own drop box. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gsmbqc62fz224cl/s82_KJhKPC Dropbox also gives the option to download as a zip file for those who aren't on Dropbox or don't want to add this to their drop box.. I am happy to have comments and suggestions about the test suite, but regret I don't have time to advise on SCML plugin implementation and debugging. Please use Edgar's official thread for that. Regards, Tim
  12. I've been thinking of producing a series of test cases that explore SCML one feature each, but I haven't been able to find the time yet. These would be simple shapes moving around, not flashy full blown character animations; the idea being to get wide coverage of features overall and to be able to pinpoint exactly which feature isn't working properly. With a real life aninimation that isn't working well you might have to delve into thousands of lines of SCML and try to work out which feature is involved
  13. I think the difficulty comes from an object only being able to tween between two points in a straight line and / or rotate about a point (which is possibly moving in a straight line). If there are multiple parent bones rotating individually, the path of the child can't be expressed with those two motions. It might be possible in simpler cases to eliminate a bone from the export, but I wouldn't want to be the one who has to program it so it gets it right all the time. Tim
  14. The time attribute is the position on the timeline, not a duration. To work out the duration you'll need to find the difference of the time values on the current key frame and the next key frame. For tweened objects the has an that points to an appropriate in a You must then use the current time and the times in the and the that follows it in the file to work out the tween. Cheers, Tim
  15. @xamar a4 is still a mid-development build, so I expect there will be plenty of opportunities to look for bugs and rough edges. It has several major new features compared to a3, as lucid mentions above.
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