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  3. Hi everybody, we've used Spriter for our game in Unity. We've made a test project with the same Spriter and Spine animations running. The Spine runtime is seriously much faster, and the slowness of the Spriter runtime (https://github.com/loodakrawa/SpriterDotNet) is unfortunately becoming an issue for us. A converter from Spriter SCML files to Spine's JSON files would allow us to use the Spine runtime, which would be faster. Does such a tool exist?
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  5. Can you clarify what you mean by "The Spriter exporter"? Ideally, please record your screen while showing your attempt and the resulting issue or a series of screen grabs. This should help us figure out the cause of the problem much more easily. Though I must say I know nothing at all about Phaser, but hopefully someone else can be helpful in that regard if necessary.
  6. Hi, I've been trying for hours to export a spritesheet of my animation using the Spriter exporter. It looks like whatever configuration I try, there is no way to control the frames rotations inside the output spritesheet, this risulting in Phaser rendering the sprite with its body parts randomly rotated and attached to the wrong points. How can I force my Spriter Exporter to output a spritesheet containing only non-rotated frames?
  7. I'm new to Spriter and I'm quite disappointed about how many subtle bugs and discomforts it has. At first, I wanted to accustomed to the Spriter as it is. But as I using it more and more, I found that those nuisances are wasting my times and energy a little bit much. So I decided to post about the nuisances that I experiences one by one. I strongly believe the reason why those nuisances are not fixed until now is that users experience too many discomforts and they leave to another animating tool rather than try to report it. There are many things, really. Sometimes copying keyframes from multiple objects doesn't work, so I had to copy one by one from the obejcts. Sometimes, I can't move bones. When that happens I use middle mouse button for panning screen, and after then I could move bones again. And when I'm scaling bones, there was difference between the expectation about how it would scale the sprites and how it actually look like. For example, when I attach a bone to a vertically long rectangle(bone's root is on the floor of the rectangle and bone's head on ceiling of the rectangle) and scale the bone vertically, I expected this scaling would make the sprite scaled vertically but it scaled the sprite horizontally. It's not intuitional at all. ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC I think I chose wrong platform. Actually, I want to refund Spriter right now and transfer to Spine2d. I should have been here after this tool is fully matured.... But, I already purchased this and I feel bad about doing nothing about the discomforts that I experience. Whatever, what I want to suggest today is one thing about editing keyframes. Spriter adds a keyframe in the master timeline whenever users add a keyframe to a sprite or bone. This is useful when multiple keyrames exist in at a moment because users can edit multiple keyrames' speed graph easily. However, the downside is, when users edit multiple keyframes which are spreading through different moments, it generates multiple master keyrframes as many as the number of the moments that users want to edit. For example, when a user move 4 keyframes which is spreading at moment 1,2,3,4, it generate 4 master keyframes. About this, you can't simply say use master keyframes for editing those subkeyframes when you don't want to generate another master keyframes because when user want to delicately calibrate animations it requires calibrating subkeyframes to another moments. Since Spriter doesn't provide a function that can clear blank master keyrames (actually I'm not sure at this point, is there a function like this? At least I couldn't find it) users have to manage master keyframes when they just want to focus on editing subkeyframes. That is, it requires unnecessary attention that just wasting our energy. It would be better if Spriter has a function that delete blank master keyframes at once.
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  9. I'm glad you were able to recover most of your work, and that you'll be using something with version control from now on. Do you happen to have the older version that still has the corrupted animation? we might be able to figure out how to fix that animation. It might also help us figure out how it got corrupted in the first place. thanks.
  10. Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. I managed to fix the issue by editing the scml file in notepad++ (I removed the entire block related to the animation that caused the crash to occur when deleting). I lost a few hours of work but that's way better than losing the entire file. As you suggested, I now manage versions and backup data through Git, which I should have done from the start (silly me). Thanks again for the help !
  11. Okay, I'll ask my cousin to send a video and I'll attach that to my post. My bad for causing confusion, I've edited the post now Thanks again, Mike! Edit: Also am I doing this right? I have no idea how to use the posting system here. Did I reply to you or did I just make a new post that you can't see?
  12. Hi Seth, Unfortunately I'm no expert, but hopefully I can help you get the attention of someone more experienced with using Unity and Spriter2Unity. I suggest you post directly in the thread dedicated to Spriter2Unity or at least rename this post's title to include "Spriter2Unity", and ideally post a screen recording showing your process and ask people if you're doing something wrong or if there's some kind of compatibility issue going on. If no one else responds to you in a timely manner, you can zip up your Spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I can see if I can figure out how to get it to properly import and show up. The only other thing I can think of at the moment is make sure you're not using any of the Spriter features in your animations that Spriter2Unity can not properly convert during import. Also, sidenote: "upload" means to send something somewhere on the internet or at least to another computer, so your use of the word was causing me confusion at first.. you should likely edit your post and replace the word "upload" with "import". cheers.
  13. Do I understand you want to set a bone to be the first bone in the hierarchy that other bones will then be a child of? It's my understanding you can left click and drag in the hierarchy window to move a bone to anywhere in the hierarchy, but there's no way to drag a bone to make it the parent of all existing bones and images if they are not already assigned as children to another bone in the chain. (Unfortunately this will only work properly if you don't have any additional key-frames) What you want to do is: Make sure you're on at zero in the timeline create your new bone you want to be the parent to the other bones click the hierarchy tab to reveal the hierarchy window and drag the current most foundational bone (the current bone that is already the parent of all the other images and bones) onto the new bone. This will make it and all it's children subordinate to the new bone.
  14. Can you please zip up the entire project (spriter file in a folder with all the images it uses) and send it to mail@brashmonkey.com so we can take a look? Also, have you been saving using some kind of version control? Though corruption issues like this are extremely rare, for any large project made with any tool or tools, it's critical to be able to revert to slightly older versions of the project if something goes wrong. thanks.
  15. Hi, I encountered a really troublesome issue: i deleted an animation using the correaponding button in the uaer interface, which caused spriter to crash. now, when i try to reopen scml file with spriter it loads up until 70% or so and then crashes: impossible to reopen it... I get the same behavior with the original scml and the autosaved version (which was the most recently saved one). It seems that the crash corrupted the data specifically for this project as i have no issue opening other projects. This is a project for which the entity has over 100 animations and i would be really bumped if it was lost forever... Any idea as to what I can do? I'm thinking maybe editing directly the scml file in notepad++ but is seems really risky. Thanks
  16. Is there any way in Spriter Essentials Edition to take an existing bone and parent it to the root level? I can create an entirely new bone at the root by alt-clicking in the viewport, but I can't figure out how to take an existing bone in a hierarchy and move it up to the same level as the start of its chain. Also, is there any way to parent sprites back to the root level once they've been parented under a bone? Or how to reparent multiple sprites at once? Running on Linux (Linux Mint) if that helps. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys! So I've been animating using the free version of Spriter for only a few weeks so I'm still a bit new to the software but yesterday, my cousin (who is the programmer for our game) tried importing the folder in which my sprite and my Spriter project had been stored into Unity 2019.1. We used the SpriterDotNet plugin to get it into Unity and it seemed to get it pretty smoothly. We used the Youtube video on it to make sure we got everything right. But as soon as we imported it, we couldn't find where the animations were being stored. The pivots were all there and the animations obviously were being processed judging by the fact that as soon as we pressed player the animations began. But we looked everywhere through the scripts, through the layers, and almost every possible place and could find where the animations where being stored, therefore, we cant choose or really make the sprite doing anything. There is one thing that I found interesting. We downloaded the premade Spriter project (which can be found on the website) and as soon as we imported it, everything seemed to be completely fine. Everything was there. And my assumption is that the premade project was most likely made by the developers using Spriter Pro. Which brings me to the conclusion that this is an issue with the free version of Spriter and I now need to pay $60 for no good reason. Please help. Thank you so much! (Here's a video showing exactly what we are dealing with: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14DQ2lUh83ysdNjk_617DkI8qNbiS29m7/view)
  18. Hi Mike. Thank you for your answer. After the post, I did realize the window was blowing up my screen horizontally, and that's why I have those issues - at list the main reason. Your link lead to several topics covering a lot of problems I don't have and I though is strange only me having this issues, maybe only me is reporting, I don't know. I am using an old machine with low screen resolution, maybe with a higher resolution the windows will work properly. There is an old tip of zooming the window but this feature is not available in Spriter that don't follow macOS window style. The solution so far is to drag the window to the left (the left side will be outside the screen), resize the window, drag it back to mach up left corner and adjust the bottom, right corner. But there is a quick solution: fullscreen! No workspace issues in fullscreen. About the resolution of my project, you're right, I just don't fix it yet because I am focused in learning all the steps in making a 2D animation in Unity, from the concept art to coding. Finally, I can't complain about Mojave. Every new OS got issues, and Mojave has been very "peaceful" in comparison with predecessors Sierra, El Capitan, etc.. It is fast and stable - developers most wanted from a system.
  19. Hi Gustovo, Sorry to hear you're having this issue. To my knowledge you're the first to ever report this particular problem. I think the best solution is to try and figure out why Mojave is not communicating the proper screen dimensions to Spriter on your system. Have you tried changing your screen resolution to see if another resolution works properly with Spriter or if changing it and changing it back would somehow fix things? Apparently people have run into many general problems with Mojave (based on my quick search results): https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&rlz=1C1CHBD_enFR841FR841&ei=xWXNXJj0NqGMlwS1p7ngBg&q=mac+mojave+program+not+fitting+on+screen&oq=mac+mojave+program+not+fitting+on+screen&gs_l=psy-ab.3...65402.65593..65768...0.0.. Hopefully you'll be able to find a good work-around or Mojave will be updated with greater compatibility. In the meantime, it seems you're working in a very high resolution. Is this for a video game, and if so,m do you really need the character to be so large? Working at this size could easily lead to either performance issues or failed export of animations, especially in Gif format. If you have Spriter Pro you can create a clone of your Spriter project, scaled down to a smaller size... if you don't have Spriter Pro you could zip up and send your project to mike@brashmonkey.com and I can scale it down to whatever scale you'd like.
  20. Hi. I did install Spriter in my macOS Mojave for testing and learning (and vice versa). I started a simple walking animation with pieces I exported from Adobe Illustrator. Building the body with bones was ok, considering I am new in this kind of animation. But when I tried to make the animations in the timeline, I could not adjust the window to my needs, also it does not fit inside the screen, as shown above: I am working with floating window, but even so, sometimes is hard to adjust it, I have to drag here, drag there, it's painful... How can I fix this timeline window trouble?
  21. yes, I wasn't aware but I have fixed it now and that explains a lot. After reducing pixel dimensions it exported with a smooth playback and I think i'm back in business, thank you so much!!
  22. That looks like a bug, but I've never seen this behavior before. Could you zip yo the spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll try to figure out what's causing this?
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  24. It's not the quality of the images that is the issue, it's their pixel dimensions, resulting in a total frame size+number of frames that's making the system run out of memory during the process of generating the GIF. Are you working at a needlessly high resolution?
  25. thanks!!! I think the image size is probably it, I can't believe that didn't occur to me. I looked and my other animations used sizes ranging 10-50 KB whereas these images are about 1-5 MB. ill try with lower quality images. if that doesn't work I will zip and send your way. thank you!
  26. without us seeing the Spriter project there's not much we can do. It likely has nothing to do with bones and more to do with the resulting number of frames or the resulting size of a frame. GIF animation format was never intended for large or really smooth animations. We'll need to see the animation you're trying to export and the settings you're trying to use. Most people with crash issues while trying to export GIF animations have accidentally put an image really far away from the center point of the frame at some key-frame that the resulting frame-size would be many thousands of pixels high and wide, which causes the GIF creation routine to run out of memory. The second most common cause is just using overly high resolution images or trying to export at a high FPS which would also result in an out of memory crash. If you'd like, please zip up and send your entire Spriter project to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look.
  27. Hi, could you please zip up the entire project (the folder with all images and the spriter file) and emailing it to mail@brashmopnkey.com so we can take a look? Thanks.
  28. So, my art designer making each item animation with their own project. Now I've to combine those each projects to my main project. I've already about importing other project to my main project. But, I don't know how to combine them in one animation? Look at this, entity_001 have one animation (baju1), I want it to be combine (copied) to entity_000 (CowokIdle_010 animation) also all its keyframe (baju1 animation). I've tried to copy paste each frame, but it doesnt work.
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