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Any suggestions on structuring a pipeline/process for using Spriter in Construct2 to make an action RPG?

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I have a decent amount of knowledge regarding Construct2, and I have a working knowledge of Spriter at this point (I can animate things and import them into Construct2 just fine).

I'm building an action rpg (specifically a beat-em-up ala Dragons Crown) and so far things have been going smoothly. However I want to try to structure my development process as efficiently as possible, and I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on how to do that.

So far I have created separate asset folders for each body part of my characters, so that equipment can update the character models appearance, I am using the skins functionality to switch between these in-game, and this works well.

Originally I had planned to spawn hitboxes just using Construct2 and checking for animation progress, but I just recently discovered that Spriter allows for me to generate hitboxes inside the animation tool as well, which intrigues me but I'm not sure that it will save me much time. Obviously different attacks need to have different multipliers associated with them, what would be the most streamlined method for doing this? Do I just code this in Construct2 or can I attach some kind of data to the hitboxes as well to indicate this? Speaking of, will every hitbox created this way be it's own separate asset in Construct2, or can I structure it so that there is a single hitbox object that is simply resized for it's current purpose?

One other question, I really like using the raw .scon objects for every enemy/player instance on screen rather than an exported .png sequence because of all the additional functionality you get from the Spriter Plugin in Construct2, especially stuff like animation blending. However I am concerned that this could present performance issues. Currently my player is made of roughly 20-ish individual sprites, and most enemies will probably average that amount as well, at what point (if any really as I might very well be paranoid) should I be worried that there are too many .scon player/enemies on screen? I don't plan to have hundreds of them at a time but it would be nice to have a couple dozen every once in a while.

Thanks, and finally, if anyone here has worked on a similar project or has any general suggestions for streamlining animation/development using Spriter and Construct2 I would very much appreciate any insight anyone has!

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Spriter's hitboxes allows you to set variables for each box, in each animation, in each key-frame... the value can even be animated... like for the first half second of an attack it could do more damage, then quickly fade to doing no damage.

As for fears of performance, it depends entirely on platform, programming, optimizations, image sizes, etc ,etc. Your only remedy is non-stop bench-mark testing to see what you can get away with.

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