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So, I just bought Spriter Pro and the RPG Heros Pack. I was working on my sprite when I noticed that there are no mouth or nose components for the front or side view of the face. There are options for the portraits.

I checked the Essentials pack and found that a few of the side view characters (Grey Guy & Goblin Enemy) have noses predrawn but none were included as separate components.

Are noses and mouths available as separate components?

Have attached a .doc file with a couple of cropped screen shots.




Spriter Pro Nose and Mouth.docx

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For RPG Heroes pack, there are no noses and mouths in the sprite animations (only portrait) because that's the traditional style for JRPG Sprites. You'd have to create some of your own and add them if you want mouths or noses in the sprites.

The Other art packs are not made for pre-made character customization.. the images are intended to be edited or replaced by anyone who wants them customized, so the facial features are not separate objects.

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