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Where is View/Edit Bone Parentage


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Sorry, this video is completely obsolete, as is the version of Spriter shown in it. Watch the video linked to below. Notice the Hierarchy tab on the left brings up the hierarchy so you can see and edit the parent/child order, HOWEVER I recommend getting used to using the method of holding the B key after selecting a bone, then left clicking on any sprite or bone while keeping the b key still held down to toggle whether or not the thing you just clicked on is a child of the bone you had selected before holding B.


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That's too bad. Option that I saw in older tutorial looked really useful. I know I can change hierarchy in hierarchy tab but dragging bones around from bottom to top takes long time if you have many bones. Also from what I see there are limitations. Example.


I created skeleton but it's impossible to create new bone and make it parent of all other bones. At least I can't make it work.

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