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tiny script to sort spriter batch animations exports

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First I'm not much of a programmer. So any feedback is welcome. Special corner cases not tested. 


Download AnimationSorter



  • Animations must be batch export or all animations must have a prefix
  • Animation names must be in following format

prefix + animation + number + file extension 


So for example you have 3 animations: Attack, Idle, Run. 

When you export in spriter you are asked for a base file name. When you type "character" as base file name spriter spits out 3 animations like this

  • character_attack_000.png
  • character_attack_001.png
  • character_attack_002.png
  • character_idle_000.png
  • character_idle_001.png
  • character_idle_002.png
  • character_run_000.png
  • character_run_001.png
  • character_run_002.png

(Number of files is not important)

How it works

  1. Export animations in spriter (e.g batch export)
  2. when exporting enter a prefix e.g character
  3. put the executable script file into the same folder as your animation exports
  4. run exe
  5. enter the prefix which every animation files have in common e.g character from step 2
  6. enjoy that you don't need to sort animations anymore :)


What the script does:


The script searches for all png images in the same folder the script is. Then it extracts the given prefix from each image. character_attack_000.png becomes attack_000.png

Then it extracts the extension and number as well so only animation name is left wich is attack. Next it creates a folder with that animation name and afterwards puts each matching image file in that folder. And this for each image. 



I found the script to be a huge time saver. Especially with hundreds of image files (in the gif example 500+ images were sorted under 1s). So I hope it helps you guys out as well.

Here the full script:

import glob
import os
import shutil
import time

class AnimationSorter:
    """A simple sorter class"""

    def __init__(self):
        self.prefix = ''
        self.folders_count = 0
        self.files_count = 0

    def set_prefix(self):
        self.prefix = raw_input('Type in the prefix of the animations.\nPrefix: ')
        print self.prefix

    def get_animations(self):
        path = os.getcwd() + '\\'
        anims = glob.glob(path + '*.png')
        return anims

    def sortanim(self):

        anims = self.get_animations()

        if not anims:
            print('No files found.')
            return False

        self.files_count = len(anims)

        for i, x in enumerate(anims):

            basedir, filename = os.path.split(x)

            result = x.replace(str(self.prefix), "", 1)
            n = result.split("_", 1)
            result = n[0]
            result = result.translate(None, '_')

            dir_name, ext = os.path.splitext(result)

            if not os.path.exists(dir_name):
                print 'new directory: ' + dir_name
                self.folders_count += 1

                shutil.move(x, dir_name + '\\' + filename)
            except IOError as (errno, strerror):
                print "I/O error({0}): {1}".format(errno, strerror)
            except ValueError:
                print "Could not convert data to an integer."
                print "Unexpected error:"

            self.files_count += 1
            # print 'moving file success'

        return True

if __name__ == "__main__":

    print '___________ SORT ANIMATION EXPORTS ___________\n\n'
    sorter = AnimationSorter()


    start = time.time()
    # call your code here

    if sorter.sortanim():
        end = time.time()
        print 'Done.' \
              '\nTotal files: ' + str(sorter.files_count - 1) + \
              '\nTotal Folders: ' + str(sorter.folders_count) + \
              '\nTime needed: ' + str(end - start) + 's'

    k = raw_input('\n\nPress any key to close.\n')




Download AnimationSorter


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