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smooth animation disappeared for no reason

easy monkey

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I was creating a running animation, working fine for the legs. But then I started to work on the arms and when I moved them and run the animation. They seem to move just only one frame, looking them offset on the frame I changed and not smoothing toward their initial position. What actually happenned to do that?

Thank you

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You're not providing enough information (screen recording or screen grab images) for me to know for sure, but it sounds like maybe maybe you are trying to use mainline keys for custom easing (speed curves) instead of applying it to the key-frames of the specific bones.

Drag up the timeline part fo the interface so you can see the timeline for each object and in the object timeline for the limbs that are no longer moving smoothly, see if they have key-frames where they don't belong and delete them.

If this doesn't help, please make a video or send your entire Spriter project (folder with all the images and Spriter file) to mike@brashMonkey.com and I'll take a look ASAP.


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Hi Mike (your tutorials are great) you are right, I just found out the problem this morning. Actually in one of your tutorial I saw that you "keyframe all" and that is why my arms where locked up.

So I unckeyed everything except the first position in order to move other body parts, and it worked. Anyway thank you for your answer :)


By the way, would you know how to combine an idle animation + a run animation in the same project? because i'm opening a new project each time I actually make a new animation. I just found out how to replace body parts during a loop which is cool :)

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