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Is this possible for a timeline key to have a different time from it's corresponding mainline key ?


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I'm playing in the Java runtime implementation of spriter to make my own (that I will post here when done) to better fit my needs and I'm running accross a weird issue. When updating the animation, it seems to check if the time of the mainline key is bigger than the time of the timeline key. This does not make much sense to me since the mainline key is created automatically when making any timeline key on spriter. Using the editor, I can't seem to be able to "de-sync" a timeline key from it's mainline key.

Is there a point to doing that ? Backward compatibility or to support corrupted XMLs ? I don't really care was what the original author's intention, I just want to know if I can safely drop it.

Reference: https://github.com/Trixt0r/spriter/blob/master/src/main/java/com/brashmonkey/spriter/Animation.java Line 118


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Also, I found a way to crash the editor:

Create new Animation > Select the first key on the mainline, delete it > select another time than 0 on the mainline > Place an asset

For me the editor stops responding and on the next startup it asks me if I want to disable OpenGL. I am able to reproduce the crash everytime.

Version: release 11

I did that because I was wondering if animations with no keys on time 0 can exists, looks like not.

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The mainline and object timeline keys are supposed to all be exactly the same. If this is not the case in a Spriter file, then some kind of bug lead to file corruption. Perhaps the runtime is compensating for this possibility?

THanks for reporting the crash-bug and how to produce it. I've reported it to Edgar (Spriter's programmer)



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