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  1. Not exactly. Since it's possible in the editor to put a key at the exact end of the timeline (at the length), the actual length of the animation and the one you should be modding with should be length + 1. (Or it would be more intelligent to prevent having timeline key with their time = length of the animation) If I have an animation of length 120 and I can place a timeline key at 0 and at 120, I have in fact 121 possibilities to place my timeline key. Also, If the newtime is 120 (exactly on a timeline key) and I mod it by 120, it will become 0 meaning the last timeline key will be completly skipped. Example (with 5 of length and 6 frames):
  2. Also, I found a way to crash the editor: Create new Animation > Select the first key on the mainline, delete it > select another time than 0 on the mainline > Place an asset For me the editor stops responding and on the next startup it asks me if I want to disable OpenGL. I am able to reproduce the crash everytime. Version: release 11 I did that because I was wondering if animations with no keys on time 0 can exists, looks like not.
  3. I'm playing in the Java runtime implementation of spriter to make my own (that I will post here when done) to better fit my needs and I'm running accross a weird issue. When updating the animation, it seems to check if the time of the mainline key is bigger than the time of the timeline key. This does not make much sense to me since the mainline key is created automatically when making any timeline key on spriter. Using the editor, I can't seem to be able to "de-sync" a timeline key from it's mainline key. Is there a point to doing that ? Backward compatibility or to support corrupted XMLs ? I don't really care was what the original author's intention, I just want to know if I can safely drop it. Reference: https://github.com/Trixt0r/spriter/blob/master/src/main/java/com/brashmonkey/spriter/Animation.java Line 118 Thanks
  4. Hi and thanks for your work Trixt0r. How can I set the position of my (Animation)Player without having any interpolation ? I just want to set it's position normally (teleport it) since my game logic is controlling my character by itself. For now I got something like that https://i.gyazo.com/e5682ad2a6f8ea6c4579713a54e6385f.mp4 Thanks EDIT: Sorry, I was just setting the position before updating... So no problems
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