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Hi all,

I've just discovered Spriter Pro through humble bundle, and it looks awesome! I decided to purchase it, not realising that it needs to be linked with Steam account. Which is a little suck. I don't have problem with Steam per Se, as long as I can use the app offline (i.e without connecting to Steam). I am on Mac, and I've tried launching the Spriter.app application directly (I think it is under ~/Library/Application Support/steam/..), but spriter crashed immediately. Is there any way for me to launch spriter without being connected to Steam ? I need to work offline from time to time. Thanks a lot !

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Sorry, no. The only reason Spriter can be sold on occasion at such massive discounts without putting us out of business is the massive marketing infrastructure built into Steam and Humble, which includes the fact that the Steam version of Spriter requires you to be logged into your Steam account. It's the only trade-off for getting Spriter for next to nothing. 

For people who purchased the Steam version of Spriter directly from Steam, we offer to give them a coupon code (upon request and proof of purchase price) which deducts the price they paid for the Steam version from the purchase of the non-Steam version on our store here.


But seeing as you got it from the Bundle, the amount of the amount you paid which will be coming to BrashMonkey is tiny. If you'd like, email support@brashmonkey with proof of what you paid for the bundle and maybe we can figure out some amount of a discount.


I hope this makes sense.


-Mike at BrashMonkey


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