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  1. Hi Mike, Thats ok then. Thanks a lot for the response! I am an absolute beginner in making Sprite. I'll see how it goes with the one I've got right now first . If I like it, no doubt I will contact you to get the stand alone version - to support your company best regards alex
  2. Hi all, I've just discovered Spriter Pro through humble bundle, and it looks awesome! I decided to purchase it, not realising that it needs to be linked with Steam account. Which is a little suck. I don't have problem with Steam per Se, as long as I can use the app offline (i.e without connecting to Steam). I am on Mac, and I've tried launching the Spriter.app application directly (I think it is under ~/Library/Application Support/steam/..), but spriter crashed immediately. Is there any way for me to launch spriter without being connected to Steam ? I need to work offline from time to tim
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