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Place box's origin with precision

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Hello everyone :)

I would like to use box to handle collision with some parts of my sprite.

I lost a couple of hours trying to link a box to a sprite part using a bone because I didn't find how to place the box origin with precision (like when we do it for a sprite part for example).

If the sprite part and the box don't have the same origin, it won't work at all when I want to rotate or scale the sprite.

Do you know if it's possible to do that? Do you know an easier way to link a box to sprite part?

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Thank you for your answer, here is a simple example:


The test.png's origin is at the top center (x = 0.5, y = 0), if the box_000's origin is not at the same position, it won't work as expected. When I change the origin of the box moving the circle at the top left corner, it's better, but I can't move it precisely, so when the scale is too large, it won't work neither.

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Hmmm. you're definitely trying to use Spriter in unintended ways. There should never really be a reason to try to make a bone so far like that, even if you are, you'd need to start with your bone horizontal and not vertical so it shares the same x and y directions as the rectangle.

Rectangles only default pivot point is already perfectly top left corner, so there should be no reason to ever change it... changing it as you are would only change it for that single key-frame you are on when you set it.

It's still very hard to tell what the desired result you want is.


Please private message me with your skype ID and I'll connect with you on skype if you'd like so you can screen share and explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish.


-Mike at Brashmonkey



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