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"Will Work For Exposure"! Creative services for trade.

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We're very proud to announce "EternaL: Episode I", made with Spriter and Construct 2, now available on Google Play!

We at Team EternaL are essentially a tiny garage-studio indie startup solely made up of creative heads :ugeek:. Like perhaps most folks here, we're a lot more at home on the creative side of things--not the business end. Building an audience is one of the arts we don't know the first thing about!

If you happen to be or know someone or a company who excels at drawing attention to a product, we would love to talk to you about trading any of our creative services for your promotional services.
Got awesome connections in the app or gaming market?
Got a huge following on a social media site?

  • • We "will work for exposure."
    • Help promote our enthralling app in exchange for creative services from the artist(s) of "EternaL."

Our entire app is our portfolio. We have a small studio/army at our disposal, capable of:

  • • Original 2-D art 12345678
    • Original 3-D art 123
    • Original voice-acting
    • Dicing up single character images into complete, rigged Spriter characters ready to animate
    Spriter animations
    Spriter cut-scenes

We're prepared to offer a quality or quantity of work scaled according to the amount of unique installs you can net for our app. We would start small, and grow from there, to best ensure we're both happy with each others' services: No need for big, risky, long-term commitments.

If interested, feel free to reply here, or in a private message, or reach us through e-mail.

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