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Slow object initialization Spriter on Construct2

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Slow object initialization Spriter on Construct2


At what point do I put the initialization file Spriter in events, because my game is complex I both global events and events related to a particular layout.

My concern is that sometimes my main character is not initialized and sprites is on the ground.

Should I initialize the object Spriter only when it is in the layout or can I do it before.

In the initialization is done but sometimes late, then that's fine. This is probably related to the speed of the machine that executes the game.

Thank you.




To test the game is here: http://mazeofchronos.fr/jeux/0.0324/

thank you in advance



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Try initializing the Spriter objects in the title-screen where they can't be seen and see if that resolves the issue in following frames.

You could also add a loading overlay that hides the screen until all Spriter objects are finished setting up.  I think I did this before by testing to make sure the Spriter objects playback was beyond 0.1 seconds..


Does this make sense?

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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