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Spriter sometimes removes image??


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I absolutely loved how simple and easy spriter was to start up and get rigging. 

1 little point that's annoying is the hierarchy tree re-loads on every action, very annoying trying to add bones then having to scroll down to the bottom of a long list to assigning them all, each time scrolling. 

However i have a major issue that is preventing me from buying the full version, spriter just removed some of my images from a saved file, they are technically still there i can see them in the hierarchy view, but the bones and sprites don't display. It also didn't export them when i put them into unity so i lost a days work.

Blender is a pain in the proverbial, but i need something that's robust, is this a problem that happens alot? is there a workaround?

Any help would be appreciated. 



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Hi AKApumpkin,

There are known hierarchy list bugs that will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming build release.  

Can you please explain your issue with missing images. I'm having trouble understanding what you're describing.

We need to make sure you understand a few things.

1) Spriter files do NOT include any image files, ever. It only references to them.  If you move or delete the images from the Spriter project folder,  The spriter file will no longer be able to find or use those images.

2) Spriter should never delete any images. It can only discover or think images are missing. If an image file goes missing from a Spriter  project folder, someone or something other than Spriter moved, renamed, or deleted the image.

Could you please describe your situation in more detail, and maybe include a screen recording if appropriate?

Mike at BrashMonkey

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