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Horror game in the works

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I’d like to use this post to show you guys a Horror game me and my pal have been working on. 

We always liked the horror genre, speacilly the Silent Hill releases of old, which were able to create really dense and disturbing environments. There have been lots of horror games lately, however we rarely find a game that actually makes you think about what’s going on and make you invested (dinosaurs zombies aren’t that scary)

With that in mind, we drafted some ideas and started to make some prototypes. In the end, we thought it would be cool if we mixed horror stuff, some platform elements, puzzles and a lot of exploration - kind of an unusual combination.


We're using Construct 2 and Spriter. I'd say 95% to 100% of the artwork is already made (which includes decorations, characters and many monsters, all animated... Took an year of hard work to get it done). The levels are still on the making, and we're still struggling to make the audio part, but we'll get there 

Anyway, as they say, a picture is more worth than words, or something like that, so I should show some in-game shots:



Here is our “hero” in the spotlight. Yes, he’s a child. Don’t expect mercy in this world.



We’re trying to make dark, dirty and claustrophobic places. Objects will have shadow effects in real time, but this wasn’t properly implemented yet.



Yeah, you will be able to push and drag boxes… and yeah, you will use them to press buttons.



Hideous creatures await you, and your little lantern toy can reveal your presence, so being stealthy sometimes is the best option… but combat is also a viable solution.



So, that’s it for now. Sorry for the long post. We look forward for your feedback. We’re doing our best, but surely we can always do better.

Thanks and see ya!


visit us at www.wilypiggames.blogspot.com

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