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Spriter contains Malware?


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I heard about this program and went to download the free version directly from your site here, but was greeted with a warning from mcafee that the download showed signs of malicious activity. After doing some research on antivirus resource sites, I see that a trojan virus has been reported found within the program: Suspicious_GEN.F47V0113  also known by the names Trojan.Win32.KillFiles.dmewtl and Trojan.KillFiles.21317 Now obviously this is a huge red flag for anybody with a certain technological competence, but I do see that there seems to be a relatively active community using the program so i am giving you guys the chance to explain why a trojan virus has been detected in the free version (as my suspicions are that the people actively using this without qualms are paid users and the free version is financially supported via illegal deals to package malware as is typically the case when this type of thing pops up) because I would really like to try the software.

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We do not package malware with Spriter, and nothing else is packed into the installer, but Spriter itself.  The free version is the same download as the Pro version and is supported by being a good enough product that people want to buy the Pro version.   The results you're getting are most likely either a false positive or the result of malware you already have elsewhere on your system.  Here are the results of a recent scan of the download zip by 55 different scanners including McAfee:  https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/971bb2de3343ea57ddd78f499a6e2de20541cee0da8cc772f2c35f48b51c7396/analysis/

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