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Put some sprites collision as disabled

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I do not understand why should I create a sprite that I would use just for collisions when I want. While there is already a sprite in which I can make collisions active or not depending on the situation.

There are several ways of doing things and mine fits me, why not make the behavior of sprites by Spriter manage in the same way as they are in Construct 2.

I do not understand, is it too hard to put in the plugin Spriter C2?

Thank you

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Due to the sheer number of sprites typically used to recreate Spriter animations, by default upon import the collision detection for the sprites created for the Spriter object are turned off.

In general for professional game design, collision is edited and handled via collision boxes because it allows the game designer much better behind the scenes control of the exact size, range and position for collision at any point in the animation. including no collision at all by simply not having the box exist at that point in the animation. This also uses 4 point collision shapes instead of more complex and processor heavy custom shapes associated with the specific image of the specific object.

In an attack animation, first there's a tell (about to swing, pulling weapon back to build distance and force), which would have no collision, then the very start of the swing, which would have limited collision area and, then the full arch of the swing, with motion blur and a very large collision area, then the follow through which would again have either very small or non-existent collision.  Collision boxes allows for perfect control of this, free from the confines of the shapes and sizes of the art being used..

In most sword swinging games the collision box would better match the size and shape of the motion blur images as opposed to just the sword itself.

Dedicated  collision boxes make things easier, better, and more optimized in general, however, I just discussed it with Edgar and he's going to try to update the plug-in at some point to allow for toggling the collisions for sprites used by the Spriter object via events as you want.

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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