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Questions with the RPG Heroes Artpack

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I just download the Essential version of the RPG Heroes Animated Art Pack, but I can't see what I get with the full version.

In the others Art Packs I get additional animations and sometimes another skins. I see that you changed all the old interactive webs with Youtube videos. But the RPG Heroes video doesn't show any animation, only four way walking.

So, what I get? Extra sprites?


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Yes, with the full version you get many more body part, facial feature and hair style options, making to total number of possible character combinations drastically larger. We'll also be adding the special "down" Lying down images that RPG Maker MV uses for characters to the full version of the Pack as well.

There was supposed to be a promo video for the full version of the pack, but the video guy is officially very late with that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mike at BrashMonkey

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