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  1. Thanks Mike, I'll copy the axe and sword_1 to the goblin folder
  2. I bought the Deluxe Platformer Art Bundle and spriter informs me that some files are missing: Adventure Platformer Pack: AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\sword_1\sword_0.png AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\sword_1\sword_0_blur_0.png AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\sword_1\sword_thrust_blur_0.png AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\axe_0\sword_0.png AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\axe_0\sword_0_blur_0.png AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\Goblin_enemy\axe_0\sword_thrust_blur_0.png So opening the Goblin Enemy don't work character maps Big Sword and Axe. There are similar folders at AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\PlatformerPack\sword_1 AdventurePlatfortmerPack_FULL\PlatformerPack\axe_0 I suppose that there are the same files, but I would like you confirm it. Run and Gun Pack RunNGunPlatformerPack\EnemyCharacter\head\p_head_front.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\EnemyCharacter\arms\forearm_jump_0.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\EnemyCharacter\arms\forearm_hit_0.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\Female_Player\head\p_head_front.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\Female_Player\arms\forearm_jump_0.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\Female_Player\arms\forearm_hit_0.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\Female_Player\smaller_head\p_head_front.png RunNGunPlatformerPack\EnemyCharacter\smaller_head\p_head_front.png doesn't miss, but it is from the player character, not from the Enemy Character. I can't find any animation that uses this images, so perhaps it's a bug with the scml files. At last, there are a typo in the folders name inside Basic and Adventure zips that you could want to fix for other customers. There is 'Platformer' not 'Platfortmer' Thanks guys.
  3. You are right, it fixes the problem... That was fast. Thanks
  4. I have a bug with the new Spriter R5, in Windows 7 32 bits. Whenever I open a spriter file, I get a blank canvas. Any option affecting the canvas, doesn't show anything. I attached an image after opening an essential file. There are any way to download the R4.1 until you find the bug? Thanks
  5. Thanks Mike, So, you are not going to add more animations to the Pack, right? I know that it's ok for RPG Maker, but for Action RPGs only walking animation are not enough.
  6. I just download the Essential version of the RPG Heroes Animated Art Pack, but I can't see what I get with the full version. In the others Art Packs I get additional animations and sometimes another skins. I see that you changed all the old interactive webs with Youtube videos. But the RPG Heroes video doesn't show any animation, only four way walking. So, what I get? Extra sprites? Thanks.
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