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Elements that disappear..


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Hi, I am facing today a bit annoying problem in Spriter Pro.. I have created character and assemble all bones.. save the file and with the next opening of file my character hand fingers disappear. They still are in hierarchy panel and in this panel, bone+picture, but in working from I don't see those fingers only bones. However, on the spot where suppose be finger is a thin line.. I will appreciate any help and advice how to solve this problem. Aha, I tried to create new file and the same thing happen that hand fingers disappear.

PS English is my second language so please forgive me all my grammar mistakes


Disappearing fingers.JPG

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Hi endzi-z,

Your English seems great. No need for apologies.

Sorry to hear you're running into an issue.  I'm not sure how this has happened, but if you look, the y-scale on the finger images is set to zero. Try setting them to 1.0 in the editor and this will hopefully resolve the issue.

I've never seen a bug cause this problem before... so we'd appreciate if you can keep an eye out for this happening again and see if you can notice a pattern of the cause... meaning do you simply have to save and reopen the file for this problem to occur, or did you use a specific feature before saving that could have caused the problem with you noticing it?

If you're willing, please zip up and send your entire Spriter project (folder with your scml file and all the images it uses) and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll see if the file itself is somehow otherwise corrupted.




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Thank you for your reply. I didn't notice that scale changed by itself. I tried today to set it for 1.0 but program automatically crash. To solve this problem I decide that I will create hand as one element, so hopeful it solve problem. Also I will send you file so you can have look what is going on there in order if there will be any need to improve program by fixing this bug : )

A bit out of topic I wanted ask if I working with large .png pictures in Sprite Pro cause higher chances that problems will appear?
The file that I will send to you have pretty large .png images and I wonder if this didn't had something to do with this bug in program.


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OK. I received the file and should be able to fix the y scale manually. For future reference, Spriter files (scml or scon) can be edited in any text editor and you can use search and replace to fix any instance of a scale or other attribute being set to zero or otherwise not set correctly.

We'll keep an eye out for any bug that can set the value to zero, but as I mentioned, I've never run into that issue despite having made all the content of the art packs, which is hundreds of hours of work in Spriter... so please also keep your eyes open if you run into the problem again, try to remember the steps that lead to the issue and try to figure out how to reproduce the bug. This will help us find and fix it much more quickly.

I really suggest we just fix the y scale issue in your file and you continue with it as it is... introducing sub-entities is actually more likely to cause problems in this case because of a known but not yet fixed z-order issue with sub entities. It's on our list of things to fix in the near future.


Also, large images can cause performance issues, and can cause crashes when you try to export finished animations at large sizes and/or high FPS.. but the size of the images that can be handled (and FPS) seems dependent on the OS and the specs of the hardware you're running Spriter on.






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I'm back.

Edgar fixed the file and we've emailed it back to you. This is definitely a bug in Spriter. It's caused when you create a skeletal rig using bones of custom width... due to the bug it leads to the risk of images of child bones ending up with a scale of zero.  We'd not discovered the bug until now because most people just create their rigs by changing length and not width of the bones.

For now, you can avoid this bug by leaving all bones the default width while rigging. There actually a little known feature that can also help avoid this bug while still continuing with your preferred workflow of rigging with variable width bones.  If you hold shift and double-click on a bone, it will make its current with and height its default 1.0 scale.

We'll work on fixing the bug in an upcoming update build, and will likely make this the default bone behavior instead of an obscure feature requiring key-presses.



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Thank you for your reply and for all information. I truly appreciate it ! I like to change bones size especially width as it helps me with my animations. However now I will try to do not use this method as the bug keeps changing "y" scale  to 0 of other objects, as it did today with 2 new elements of the weapon and obviously manually changing "y" scale can't be done as program crashes. Thank you once again and I'm looking forward for update build : )


spriter bones don't like me.JPG

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