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Spriter (*.scml) to joint


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I am trying to make a game with spriter sprites.  :-P

Basically, my problem is I just want to add separated parts of images as a resource and move it around with joint codes;

For that, I need spriter to export all these separated images' origin(pivot x, y) and it's x, y, and direction in every frame separately(including key frames (like the "images" section in png/gif export))

to a nice (*.txt) file.

So now, their is my question : does Spriter supports this feature? I think it should, pretty much because it says Spriter is a game animation solution or something. :-|    

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Hi Solar System,

I'm not sure what you mean, but Spriter saves to either xml or json format. (scml or scon), which are text files with all the info for exactly how to place each image to create and tween the animations. In a little under 3 weeks we'll have a fully featured reference implementation (code) in C++ that perfectly recreates Spriter animations using the same source images.

What programming language or authoring system are you using to create your game?


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I think I understand now. The miscommunication stems (I think) from your misuse of the word "key frame" . Key frames are NOT every frame displayed depending on a set FPS. Those would just be "frames", and NOT "key frames".

Key frames are the most important frames. They represent the most important moments/positions in a sequence of movement (an animation).  In modern animation programs that tween automatically, there can be a very smooth animation that only has 2 key frames – one at the very beginning, and one at the very end – and anything displayed in-between is just a frame. The number of frames depends on how quickly the system playing back the animation can update the screen between those two key frames.


I think what you'd like is to be able to have a finished animation arbitrarily broken up into actual keyframes (which would have the data for all images/bones position, angle etc) based on any FPS the user decides. This way the animation could be recreated at that given FPS using just the key frame data and without computing tweening.

If I understand what you want correctly now, It's actually a feature we have planned for a future update, but we don't know how soon it will appear.  For now, you could just use the time-line and manually use the "key all" button at regular intervals on the time-line to get the desired result you're after in the scml file.



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