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CreaByte(formerly Cat in a Hat] looking for 2D Artist + Animator


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Hey all!
We’re currently looking for a 2D Artist and animator to join our team of 9 members. We’re working on Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode.

You can find more details at:
– Ludust Project page
– Aeon Chronicles Website


We’re focusing on the development of a playable alpha version, to present in our upcoming Feedback Pre-Campaign at the Square Enix Collective Initiative, which will then follow on to fundraising if all goes well. This is a high-quality project that has got a very talented group of people from various corners of the world together, and looking to use this project as a startup to an indie video-game development studio, CreaByte Studios.


We work in a results-oriented environment, usually on a week-by-week updates basis.
The current position is to join our core team at CreaByte, starting off by joining other members with character art and animation, and later helping with some promo artwork. Even though we’re a serious team, with big goals and standards, we’re also really friendly, with a great environment, and as indie as one can get! Currently a 0$ budget team(Revenue will be shared between all members upon release), and still working every single day for this project, passion to create video-game experiences is what drives us.



Any questions you have or if you’re interested in joining, leave a comment below or direct it to CreaByteStudios@gmail.com



Tibs :)





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