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  1. Hey all! We’re currently looking for a 2D Artist and animator to join our team of 9 members. We’re working on Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode. You can find more details at: – Ludust Project page – Aeon Chronicles Website We’re focusing on the development of a playable alpha version, to present in our upcoming Feedback Pre-Campaign at the Square Enix Collective Initiative, which will then follow on to fundraising if all goes well. This is a high-quality project that has got a very talented group of people from various corners of the world together, and looking to use this proje
  2. Thanks for the replies! Although this was posted a while ago, we're still looking for people, so don't hesitate to contact us :) Also @vgcarlos, left you a PM.
  3. Hey Spriter Community! I'm Tibs, and I'm the director for CIAH Team's first major project, Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Epsiode. I won't go into details about our project right now, as you'll be able to get a good overview of it on our website Aeon Chronicles Website We're currently a 0$ budget team, working on this because we love it, thus, none of our 9 members are currently being paid, so we're looking for someone that would like to work with us voluntarily. Although it is a free-time project we impose internal deadlines to ensure smooth development. We are, however, very flexible, as we
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