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Help with the Character Maps window

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Sorry for this being my first post and I'm already asking for help. But I could not find help anywhere else.


I'm studying Spriter Pro those days, I've bought it on Steam and it was really a good deal, the software is awesome. I'm learning with the official youtube channel. It worked really fine, just a little more time and I can say I know all its features. But I found an annoying issue right now.


I was following this video:


There's no problem with the video but maybe with my computer. I followed step-by-step and created my Character Map. I named it as Armor and linked the character pieces accordingly. Saved. But when I click-and-drag the Armor word from the "Available" to the "Active" painel, nothing happens. Its like something is not right or allowed but I don't get any error messages. I tried a new CM and still nothing. Tried to restart Spriter Pro and still nothing =(






What should I do?

Thank you very much!


EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm using it on a Mac, OSX 10.9.5

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AH! So I think I understand now, the issue is that when you drag the character map over to active, it does not stay in active..This must be a UI bug.. but I can't reproduce this.


Could you possibly record the screen and show your attempt to activate the character map?


sorry for the inconvenience.

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I'm not sure yet, because  I can't reproduce this bug.  Late today I'll have access to a mac and will see if I can figure out what the problem is. Can you email your Spriter project (zip up the folder with all the images and the scml file) to mike@brashmonkey.com so I can make sure the issue is not in the scml file?



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"Luckily" I was just able to test on my mac and found the same bug. Moe importantly, I found a solution that will work until we can fix the problem in a Spriter update.

You can left click and drag the entire character maps palette(window). Click and drag it all the way to the right to dock it with (make it connect into) the other palettes on the right of Spriter's interface.

Once the Character maps palette is docked it will suddenly work when you drag the character map into the "active" side.


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