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  1. Thank you very much, it finally worked! Even if I deatach the window later, it still works. Thank you for your help!!
  2. Thank you, Brash. I just sent the e-mail with the zip file.
  3. Yes, exactly that! And I totally need this feature for a project =( There's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6Z-3a7ShaM&feature=youtu.be What should I do? =(
  4. Hello! Thank you very much for the reply. Yes I assigned all the images like taught in the video. There's the window screenshot:
  5. Hello. Sorry for this being my first post and I'm already asking for help. But I could not find help anywhere else. I'm studying Spriter Pro those days, I've bought it on Steam and it was really a good deal, the software is awesome. I'm learning with the official youtube channel. It worked really fine, just a little more time and I can say I know all its features. But I found an annoying issue right now. I was following this video: There's no problem with the video but maybe with my computer. I followed step-by-step and created my Character Map. I named it as Armor and linked the character pieces accordingly. Saved. But when I click-and-drag the Armor word from the "Available" to the "Active" painel, nothing happens. Its like something is not right or allowed but I don't get any error messages. I tried a new CM and still nothing. Tried to restart Spriter Pro and still nothing =( What should I do? Thank you very much! EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm using it on a Mac, OSX 10.9.5
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