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Can i export each body part as separate frame or just the whole animation?


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I wanted to know if its possible to, instead of export the whole animation as a whole (meaning lets say the whole body of the player), to export each body part by itself in its own frame.

The reason im asking about this, is for character customization in my game; we draw the player layer upon layer, and then we just "dress" him by placing a shirt image for example over the body image.

Is there a way to do something like that? If now, are there any suggestions on how to develop a spriter project that will be used for in game customization? 



-BTW, I am right now using the free version, but if spriter is capable of doing this, I would definately buy it!

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You'd just have to create a character map to hide all the other body parts (for each body part you want to export on it's own), and most likely you'd want to use a custom trimming rectangle when exporting each part so they all line up perfectly when put back together to make the complete character.


So, yes, Spriter Pro can do that.



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You need to learn about the feature I described..called Character maps. I did not tell you to manually hide all other parts per frame, I told you you can set up a character map (which will hide all the parts you want hidden on all frames of all animations). This is a Pro only feature.






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So, after getting the full version, I still dont know how do i go upon exporting everything? lets say i created 3 parts for the hand, how do i go by exporting only that limb?

and is it possible to export each limb separately yet keep the size of the current frame ? (as transparent space)

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