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Switching off keyframing / relative keys


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I was wondering if there was a way to 'switch off' the key framing in order to move the position of an objet but keep its animation relative to it.


For example, an object doing a circle movement (position keys). If I want to change its 'global' position but keep the same movement, I have to move the object on every keys it has.

Do I missed an option or shortcut to have the keys in relative and not in absolute?

I'm not sure to be clear. ^^


Thank you

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There is a planned feature to allow you to make the same change to all frames of an object... meaning, if you select an object and move it 5 pixels up and to the left, it will effect all of its key frames throughout the animation.


Unfortunately this feature does not yet exist, and we cant say how soon it will appear.



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