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If you look at my Z-Order window everything is just plain gone. Nothing is displayed and the same thing happens in the hierarchy window.  This is causing Spriter to crash if I attempt to add a sprite image to the scene, move any sprites, anything at all and spriter will just close.  Additionally I have upgraded to pro recently and opening any projects will still run in essentials.

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Hi BreakfastBrew,


I've never seen or heard of these issues before so unfortunately I don't have a quick solution for you. Hopefully with some more info we can figure out the cause and resolve the problems asap.

Can you please tell me:

1) Which OS are you running on.
2) Did you install the free version from our site, but then buy and install the full Pro version from Steam? If yes, this would explain why its opening in Spriter Essentials... you need to uninstall the non-steam free version, or maybe change the default program to open scml files to the Spriter.exe in the steam apps folder.

3) Do you have any bones in the hierarchy?

4) how large in pixel dimensions is the biggest image you're using in the animation?


Also, would you be willing to zip up your Spriter project and email it to me? (mike@BrashMonkey.com). Of course I won't share it with anyone, will delete it after examining it, and it might help me figure out the cause of the issues.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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To answer your questions,


1.) Windows 7.

2.) That is exactly what happened. Changing the default program does not work for windows 7 until I had uninstalled Spriter Essentials first then changed the default program because recognizes that the filename is the same and ignores the change in filepath.

3.) There are no bones in this particular project, only sprite images.

4.) The largest image is 39x257.


Email sent!

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Hi again BreakfastBrew,


Well, I'm glad we figured out issue number 2 at least.


For 3) The hierarchy window should be empty, because there are no bones, BUT I looked at the .scml you were nice enough to email me, and I confirm there's some kind of corruption in the file that's causing the empty z-order window, and crashes when you try to manipulate the frames further.  I've sent this file to Edgar so he can hopefully find - and, best case scenario, manually fix - the problem in the scml file itself.  I'll report back here once he's had a chance to take a look.. and if he's successful, we'll email the fixed file back to you.


You're the first person to ever report this file corruption issue, so it's really important we figure out what steps you took that inadvertently corrupted the file, to help make sure it doesn't happen to you or anyone else in the future... so please, if we get a fixed version of your file sent back to you, please back up frequently to dated files so you wont lose work, and if the bug ever resurfaces, please let us know what you were doing just before it happens.

Thanks very much.

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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