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Spriter, Construct 2 and playing anims in reverse


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I don't know about playing animations in C2, but from an animation perspective, a properly done walk cycle will look unnatural and wrong if you play it backward (especially if you stop the forward cycle at an arbitrary frame and reverse it). If you really need a reversed walking animation, you're much better off animating it separately (hopefully with a good reference example of what bipedal locomotion in reverse really looks like). That's my two cents' worth on the subject, anyway...


If it is possible, it could still be useful for other animations, though.

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hi tekkendp,

Yes, if you set set the playback speed in C2 then the animation will play backwards at the same speed the animation would play if the animation were playing forward. BUT RunnerPack is right. A walking forward animation playing revers does not look proper at all... even if the character was like gizmoduck with a unicycle wheel, the characters lean VS the center of gravity etc is totally different.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hello guys,


thanks for the answer. Setting the animation playback speed ratio to -1, played the animation in reverse at 100% speed. :-P


And yes, you are right. The animation does look very odd. But at the moment, I'm working on enemy AI, so I just need a basic visual representation of the action (my character looks like he is doing a drunk moon-walk). Once I have nailed the AI, I will work on the animation. Plus, as RunnerPack rightly noted, having ability to run animations in reverse could be very useful - for example, I'm looking at implementing a rewind function.

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