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GIF Export Error


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Hi KanaX,


So far, it seems every time someone runs into this issue, it's because they are exporting at very large dimensions and with a very large number of frames/a very long duration (more than the exporter can handle, apparently).


Can you describe the dimensions (width and height, in pixels) the exported animation would be, as well as the number of frames the final GIF would have?


We're looking into replacing the GIF exporter with a more powerful and compatible version, but this likely wont happen for quite some time.




-Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hi Fmats,


1500 pixels high by how many wide?

at what FPS?


Feel free to zip up and email your entire Spriter project to mike@brashmonkey and I'll see if I can figure out the issue. Please let me know which animation you were trying to export and at what FPS.




Hello, it seems that kanax didn't reply, but my problem is the same. The dimensions are:


original file: around 1500px high


I tried to make a 10% sized file and it still crashedD:

the animation has 60 parts and 55 bones.

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I received the file and managed to export the animation just fine as either 24 FPS or 60 FPS.  My best guess is your system ran out of visual memory before mine did.


I emailed the two GIF's I made to you.

We're looking into switching to a different library for the export options which may eventually improve performance and reliability with exporting, but that won't happen for quite a while.

in the mean-time, you might want to consider exporting as sequential PNG images and then using a second program to combine them into a GIF, AVI etc.

A few possible options:




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