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Help! I need a sloth sprite!


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I need an animated sprite of a sloth for a simple 2d side scrolling platformer. The style I'm looking for is cartoony and minimalistic. This is a very good example of the style:




I need these typical animations / states:





Dead (no specific cause...just a look of surprise then dead.)


And also...


Lying down to sleep (maybe with some "zzzz" floating up from his head.)


I new to game creation so please let me know if I've left out any useful information. Thanks!


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You should mention:


1) The resolution/size of the character you need.

2) Whether or not you will be paying for the work.


Best of luck with the project.


-Mike at BrashMonkey

Good idea. The resolution I'm not too sure on. I think just 100px X 100px would work. I can resize down from a larger image, though. I'm absolutely willing to pay for the work so please anyone interested PM me a quote.

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